[4.9.12] 2019-11-20

  • Fix – Blocks Editor date time saving correctly for WordPress 5.3 compatibility. [137421]
  • Tweak – Add the tribe_get_query_var function [137262]
  • Tweak – Add tribe_get_the_content() and tribe_the_content() for PHP 7.2 compatibility with WordPress 5.2
  • Language – 21 new strings added, 162 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.9.11] 2019-11-12

  • Feature – Opt-in to the newly redesigned views
  • Fix – Fixed issue where DD/MM/YYYY style dates were not supported during Event Aggregator imports [117691]
  • Fix – Resolved issue where non YYYY-MM-DD datepicker formats resulted in unpredictable behavior while navigating views [116086, 126472, 117909]
  • Fix – Fixed date issue where the event date was defaulting to current date when editing an event with the block editor [132735]
  • Tweak – Added additional datepicker formats for simpler selection [116086, 126472, 117909]
  • Tweak – Updated the Repository implementation to handle more complex orderby constructs [133303]
  • Tweak – Added the Tribe__Date_Utils::get_week_start_end method [133303]
  • Tweak – added the tribe_events_suppress_query_filters filter to allow suppressing Tribe__Events__Query filters [134827]
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 23 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 13 obsoleted

[4.9.10] 2019-10-16

  • Tweak – added the tribe_sanitize_deep function to sanitize and validate input values [134427]
  • Tweak – use the tribe_sanitize_deep function to sanitize the values returned by the tribe_get_request_var function [134427]
  • Tweak – Rename „Datepicker Date Format“ to „Compact Date Format“ [134526]
  • Tweak – Adjust Promoter loading order to increase compatibility with plugins that use authentication early in the process [134862]
  • Tweak – Add support for Authentication using a Header when using Promoter [133922]
  • Language – 2 new strings added, 25 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.9.9] 2019-09-25

  • Fix – Set the start date with the current day for the „All“ events page for recurring events. Thanks Andy, leapness and others for flagging this! [130350]
  • Tweak – Updated Freemius integration code [133148]
  • Tweak – Conform iCalendar feed to specifications by not putting quotes around the timezone ID. This fixes some custom parsers [133626]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 16 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.9.8] 2019-09-04

  • Tweak – Added the Monolog logging library as alternative logging backend [120785]
  • Tweak – Hook Monolog logger on tribe_log action [120785]
  • Tweak – Add redirection of tribe( 'logger' )->log() calls to the Monolog logger using the tribe_log_use_action_logger filter [120785]
  • Fix – Conform iCalendar feed to specifications by not putting quotes around the timezone. This fixes Outlook compatibility [131791]
  • Fix – Additional fields with multiple values using pipes | as separators are working properly on importing again. [131510]
  • Fix – Fix default view redirection loop on mobile devices. Thanks Ricardo, cittaslow and others for flagging this! [125567]
  • Fix – Handling of featured image setting during Event Aggregator CSV imports [127132]
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 10 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.9.7] 2019-08-19

  • Tweak – Update Lodash version on Block editor to prevent any possibility of a security issue with the package. From v4.17.11 to v4.17.15 [131421]
  • Tweak – Add filter ‚tribe_events_js_config‘ to allow filtering the contents of the Javascript configuration [132567]
  • Tweak – Updates to the shortcode Javascript code to allow disabling the URL manipulation behavior [132567]
  • Fix – Prevent mascot image to get blown up out of proportions to a larger size on buggy CSS loading. [131910]
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 191 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.9.6] 2019-08-07

  • Tweak – Update Event Aggregator to include compatibility with new Meetup API requirements – See more [125635]
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 120 updated, 5 fuzzied, and 10 obsoleted

[4.9.5] 2019-07-25

  • Tweak – Update redirection URLs for Freemius actions [130281]
  • Fix – Location filtering for Context class moved out of construct, resolving lots of navigation problems across The Events Calendar [130754]
  • Fix – Featured event AJAX and browser navigation working as expected for all use cases. [127272]
  • Fix – Shortcode properly handling featured param on AJAX requests. [114002]
  • Fix – Remove removing wpautop for gutenberg blocks to fix spacing when content comes from classic editor. [122801]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 16 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.9.4] 2019-07-03

  • Tweak – Add filter tribe_events_event_insert_args the arguments in prior to inserting the event and meta fields. [129517]
  • Tweak – Add filter tribe_events_event_update_args the arguments prior the update of an event and meta fields. [129517]
  • Tweak – Add filter tribe_events_event_prevent_update to disable the update for an event via the Tribe API [129517]
  • Tweak – Add filter tribe_events_archive_get_args to filter the arguments used to get the events on the archive page via REST API. [129517]
  • Tweak – Add filter tribe_events_validator_is_event_id to define if is a valid event_id [129517]
  • Tweak – Add action tribe_rest_before_event_data executed before the Event data is pulled before deliver the Event via REST API. [129517]
  • Tweak – Add Tribe__Events__Query::last_found_events() to access the last results via the Query object [129517]
  • Tweak – Wrap register_rest_route calls with tribe_register_rest_route to enable filtering on REST registration
  • Tweak – Add filter tribe_ical_feed_vtimezone to filter the VTIMEZONE group [89999]
  • Tweak – Include proper documentation of why the plugin has been deactivated and a knowledgebase article about how to downgrade [129726]
  • Tweak – When trying to update The Events Calendar with an incompatible version of an Addon that is expired, it will stop the upgrade [129727]
  • Tweak – Add filter tribe_is_classic_editor_plugin_active to change the output if the classic editor is active or not [121267]
  • Tweak – Create a new key if AUTH_KEY is not defined or is empty and add a new filter tribe_promoter_secret_key to filter the result [127183]
  • Tweak – Divide the tribe-common.js file to prevent that file from being bloated with external dependencies. [129526]
  • Tweak – Make sure UTC-0 is converted back to UTC instead of UTC-01 [129240]
  • Tweak – Add new function tribe_register_rest_route Wrapper around register_rest_route to filter the arguments when a new REST endpoint is created [129517]
  • Tweak – Add new method Tribe__Cost_Utils::parse_separators to infer decimal and thousands separators from a value that might have been formatted in a local different from the current one [98061]
  • Fix – Save of event meta data when Classic editor plugin and gutenberg blocks for events are enabled [121267]
  • Fix – Moved The Events Calendar specific code from common Context class into The Events Calendar [129241]
  • Fix – Fixed issue where multiday events were not returning correct end date in block editor [128033]
  • Fix – Resolved issue where deactivation feedback was not hooked properly [128341]
  • Fix – Added escaping to the event website URL target attribute [129565]
  • Fix – Fix Timezone definitions for *.ics file on events [89999]
  • Fix – Resolved an issue where non-English decimal and thousands event cost separators could lead to wrong cost values in REST API responses [98061]
  • Fix – Prevent Clipboard Javascript from loading all over the place on /wp-admin/ [129526]
  • Fix – PHP 5.6 compatibility for trait Cache_User by using WP action shutdown instead of __destruct on our WP_Rewrite [129860]
  • Language – 14 new strings added, 222 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 6 obsoleted

[] 2019-06-20

  • Fix – Prevent issue where older versions of the tribe-common libraries could be bootstrapped [129478]
  • Fix – Add Promoter PCSS file so that the proper CSS will be generated on package build [129584]

[] 2019-06-07

  • Fix – Remove caching of rewrite base slugs which make third-party, Photo and Week work as expected [129035]
  • Tweak – Adjust newsletter signup submission destination [129034]

[4.9.3] 2019-06-06

  • Fix – Fixed issue where the previous events link was not present on initial page load of the List View [127477]
  • Language – 10 new strings added, 18 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.9.2] 2019-05-16

  • Tweak – In the Event Repository class: filter the event cretion meta before checking it for coherency
  • Tweak – Reduced file size by removing .po files and directing anyone creating or editing local translations to translate.wordpress.org
  • Fix – Fix event bar issue where it was required to pick the date in order to search events via keyword or location [126158]
  • Fix – Make back-compatibility handling more robust when dealing with classes non-existing in the older plugin versions [127173]

[] 2019-05-06

  • Fix – Prevent Composer autoloader from throwing Fatal due to unexistent setClassMapAuthoritative() method [126590]

[4.9.1] 2019-05-02

  • Fix – Prevent recurring events all page to throw 404 when events are in the past [126790]
  • Fix – Backwards compatibility for eventDiplay usage around list and day only showing upcoming events [126686]
  • Fix – List events Widget will display events until their end date has passed [126837]
  • Tweak – Add values for the JSON-LD object to avoid Google console errors. Fields added: offers.availabilityoffers.categoryoffers.priceCurrencyoffers.validFrom and performer [120193]
  • Tweak – Add tribe_events_cost_unformatted filter to allow WPML support for WooCommerce Multilingual
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 168 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 5 obsoleted

[] 2019-04-26

  • Fix – Prevent Composer autoloader from throwing Fatal due to unexistent setClassMapAuthoritative() method [126590]

[] 2019-04-25

  • Fix – Avoid fatals due to Query method not been present by bumping version of Event Tickets required to

[] 2019-04-25

  • Fix – Modifications to tribe_get_events() to resolve problems introduced by latest release 4.9.0
  • Fix – Backwards compatibility for 'eventDisplay' => 'upcoming' on tribe_get_events(). Thanks @softwebteam, @mrwweb and @karks88 [126124]
  • Fix – Single navigation to next and previous events using the Object Relational Mapping classes [126144]
  • Fix – Events displayed correctly on all views, using End date instead of Start Date. Making sure events that are not over still show on upcoming [126259]

[4.9.0] 2019-04-17

  • Feature – Refactor the Database Connection to start using an Object Relational Mapping tool for a better tested codebase
  • Feature – Add the tribe_events() function as entry-point to the Events ORM and the supporting filter code [116356, 115579]
  • Feature – Add the tribe_venues() function as entry-point to the Venues ORM and the supporting filter code [116356, 115579]
  • Feature – Add the tribe_organizers() function as entry-point to the Organizers ORM and the supporting filter code [116356, 115579]
  • Feature – Add additional caching to The Events Calendar REST API archives and the Post Repository event/venue/organizer responses [117159]
  • Feature – Include Freemius integration on to allow opt-in information collection for 10% of new users
  • Tweak – Setting the site of Timezones will trigger queries using UTC to equalize event dates on Views
  • Tweak – Add filter to allow deactivating Freemius tribe_events_integrations_should_load_freemius
  • Tweak – Include a way for third-party to handle Known Range rebuilding of events tribe_events_rebuild_known_range
  • Tweak – All new granular handling for UTC and Timezone saving on the Classic editor
  • Tweak – Add support for the tribe_suppress_query_filters query variable to prevent the plugin’s own query filters from applying [116356, 115579]
  • Tweak – Add the tribe_events_has_next_args and tribe_events_has_previous_args filters to allow filtering the arguments that check if next/previous archive pages or events are available [123950]
  • Fix – Include second param for the the_title for Events, Venue and Organizer Rest API endpoints amd prevent warnings. Props to Alex [123317]
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 167 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.8.2] 2019-03-04

  • Fix – Resolve console warnings around React key usage for Blocks Editor [121198]
  • Fix – Improve our tribe_paged URL parameter sanitization, preventing themes from printing the variable and causing XSS security issues [123616]
  • Fix – Change ordering for Eventbrite Tickets on Event Aggregator, Ascending order by date is now the default [121979]
  • Tweak – Day light savings notice will now reset 4 times per year when using any UTC Timezone [123221]
  • Tweak – Start date for Event Aggregator is now required on Eventbrite Tickets [121979]
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 172 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.8.1] 2019-02-14

  • Feature – Introduced new „(do not override)“ default post status for Eventbrite imports in Event Aggregator. This preserves events‘ original statuses from Eventbrite.com upon import (e.g., „draft“ events will not be automatically set to „publish“ upon import) [112346]
  • Fix – Make sure the setting for „Default mobile view“ is respected. Thanks to Kathleen, Tim and others for reporting this! [119271]
  • Fix – Apply block closer to price block [120108]
  • Tweak – Added new filter tribe_aggregator_new_event_post_status_before_import to allow for custom handling of an event’s post status before EA an import is completed [112648]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_events_admin_js_ajax_url_data
  • Tweak – Unload Image Widget Plus version 1.0.2 or older to Prevent it from creating fatals on The Events Calendar
  • Language – 2 new strings added, 150 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.8] 2019-02-04

  • Feature – Introduced new „(do not override)“ default post status for Eventbrite imports in Event Aggregator. This preserves events‘ original statuses from Eventbrite.com upon import (e.g., „draft“ events will not be automatically set to „publish“ upon import) [112346]
  • Fix – Make sure the setting for „Default mobile view“ is respected. Thanks to Kathleen, Tim and others for reporting this! [119271]
  • Fix – Apply block closer to price block [120108]
  • Tweak – Added new filter tribe_aggregator_new_event_post_status_before_import to allow for custom handling of an event’s post status before EA an import is completed [112648]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_events_admin_js_ajax_url_data
  • Tweak – Unload Image Widget Plus version 1.0.2 or older to Prevent it from creating fatals on The Events Calendar
  • Language – 2 new strings added, 150 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2019-02-07

  • Fix – Modify extension dependency checking with new system to determine if it can load [122368]
  • Tweak – Prevent most extensions from loading if Event Tickets is on an older version to prevent conflicts [122368]

[4.8] 2019-02-05

  • Feature – Add check and enforce PHP 5.6 as the minimum version [116282]
  • Feature – Add system to check plugin versions to inform you to update and prevent site breaking errors [116841]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_not_php_version_names
  • Deprecated – Constants MIN_ET_VERSION and MIN_COMMON_VERSION in Tribe__Events__Main, use $min_et_version property and no replacement for MIN_COMMON_VERSION
  • Deprecated – The is_delayed_activation()maybe_delay_activation_if_outdated_common(), and checkAddOnCompatibility() method has been deprecated in Tribe__Events__Main in favor of new Dependency Checking System
  • Language – 7 new strings added, 139 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.7.4] 2019-01-21

  • Fix – Display the tags block delimiter in the editor [119393]
  • Fix – Fixed a number of small layout bugs with the new Twenty Nineteen core theme [119689]
  • Fix – Save the „Event Options“ when using the block editor [120168]
  • Fix – Filter correctly when in Classic Editor page [120137]
  • Fix – Give the ability to switch back from all day events in date time block [120266]
  • Fix – Properly align the search or create results [120460]
  • Fix – iCal export content for events created with the block editor [118679]
  • Fix – Moved the „Remove venue“ button for a better user experience when removing venues from an event [120267]
  • Fix – Date/time block conflicts when clicking to open the block options [119413]
  • Fix – Layout bugs with the new Twenty Nineteen core theme [119689]
  • Fix – Include UTC dates meta on the event creation from the block editor [120399]
  • Tweak – Ensure we don’t re-apply wpautop() to content that has had it removed [120562]
  • Tweak – Added tribe_events_admin_js_ajax_url_data filter to make filtering the JS vars of TEC’s admin JS easier [116973]
  • Tweak – Adjusted content in the admin welcome page that users are brought to upon newly activating The Events Calendar [117795]
  • Tweak – Changed views: blocks/event-tags
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 21 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 5 obsoleted

[4.7.34] 2019-01-17

  • Fix – Display the tags block delimiter in the editor
  • Fix – Fixed a number of small layout bugs with the new Twenty Nineteen core theme
  • Fix – Save the “Event Options” when using the block editor
  • Fix – Filter correctly when in Classic Editor page
  • Fix – Give the ability to switch back from all day events in date time block
  • Fix – Properly align the search or create results
  • Fix – iCal export content for events created with the block editor
  • Fix – Moved the “Remove venue” button for a better user experience when removing venues from an event
  • Fix – Date/time block conflicts when clicking to open the block options
  • Fix – Layout bugs with the new Twenty Nineteen core theme
  • Fix – Include UTC dates meta on the event creation from the block editor
  • Tweak – Ensure we don’t re-apply `wpautop()` to content that has had it removed
  • Tweak – Adjusted content in the admin welcome page that users are brought to upon newly activating The Events Calendar
  • Tweak – Changed views: `blocks/event-tags`

[4.7.3] 2018-12-18

  • Tweak – Tweak the registration of the Event, Venue, and Organizer post types so they use some new post type labels introduced in WordPress 5.0 like item_updated, item_scheduled, etc.
  • Tweak – Adjusted content in the admin welcome page that users are brought to upon newly activating Event Tickets
  • Tweak – Refreshing the Welcome page for The Events Calendar and Event Tickets
  • Fix – Prevent admin tooltips to that full page width on Blocks Editor
  • Fix – Datepicker code will now use the correct datetime format
  • Fix – Password protected events breaking the month view. Thanks to Lindsay, Simon and others for flagging this out!
  • Fix – Add proper capitalization for Event Price for Blocks Editor
  • Fix – Make sure Datetime Format for Datepickers are respected on the Blocks Editor
  • Fix – Correct text domain and remove old events-gutenberg
  • Fix – Properly display recurrence description on Blocks Editor view
  • Fix – Point support links to the correct places
  • Language – 27 new strings added, 106 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 13 obsoleted

[4.6.25] 2018-10-22

  • Fix – List only enabled views on the „Default View“ option. Thanks to wescole, John Meuse and others for reporting! [114807]
  • Fix – Handle left-over Facebook scheduled imports and notices [114831]
  • Fix – Fixed event navigation when the mini calendar widget was on the event page. Props to Matt and wescole for flagging this [114359]
  • Fix – Ensure columns without headers are handled in CSV imports [114199] Tweak – Added notice for the Events Gutenberg extension and eBook download [115543]
  • Tweak – Avoid unnecessary HTTP calls in the Settings screens [114013]
  • Tweak – Show only applicable refinements for the Eventbrite source types in Event Aggregator imports [107009]
  • Tweak – Added tribe_aggregator_resolve_geolocation filter to allow for disabling of Geocoding using the EA service [114171]
  • Tweak – Added tribe_aggregator_clean_unsupported filter to specify whether unsupported origin records should be removed or not

[] 2018-10-08

  • Fix – Fixed an issue where a fatal error could be generated when trying to save a new Event Aggregator scheduled import [115339]
  • Fix – Handle left-over Facebook scheduled imports and notices [114831]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_import_setting_origins filter to the origins available for default import settings [115704]

[4.6.24] 2018-10-03

  • Fix – Prevent broken and low-resolution Google Maps if user has not provided a Google Maps API key of their own by providing our own fallback API key [114442]
  • Fix – Only load widget assets when widget is active on the page [113141]
  • Fix – Ensure that venue, organizer, and meta information doesn’t show on password-protected events [102643]
  • Fix – Correct the Google Maps API link in the Settings help text to point to the correct API page [112322]
  • Fix – Restores the event categories and tags creation summary in CSV imports [105888]
  • Fix – Updated the Events Gutenberg extension install check to show only when the extension is not active [114577]
  • Fix – Stop potential fatal errors from debug logging when running EA import actions from command line [114555]
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where it was often not possible to un-check the „Enable JSON-LD“ option in the Events List Widget (thanks to @myrunningresource and @craigwilcox for reporting this!) [113541]
  • Fix – Ensure that the tribe-events-bar-should-show filter functions as aspected; if __return_false is passed, the Tribe Bar will be totally hidden (thanks @debranettles for reporting this!) [112260]
  • Fix – Added checks to prevent JS Type Error in mobile view. Thanks szenenight, agrilife and others for flagging this! [113524]
  • Tweak – Added new filters for customizing the fallback Google Maps embeds: tribe_is_using_basic_gmaps_api, tribe_get_basic_gmap_embed_url, and tribe_get_basic_gmap_embed_url_args [114442]
  • Tweak – Fixed the handling of the global $post variable in some Month View templates to make it easier for themers to customize those templates [113283]
  • Tweak – Ensure linked posts are listed alphabetically in metabox dropdowns, as they are in all other admin locations [108120]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_events_month_daily_events filter to the Month view [114041]
  • Tweak – Move Google Maps API loading to tribe_assets and only load once on single views when PRO is active, thanks to info2grow first reporting [112221]
  • Tweak – Accept 0 as an argument in tribe_get_events() so that 'post_parent' => 0works, thanks Cy for the detailed report [111518]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_record_by_origin filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_service_post_import_args filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_import_validate_meta_by_origin filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_events_aggregator_refine_keyword_exclusions filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_events_aggregator_refine_location_exclusions filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_event_translate_service_data_field_map filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_event_translate_service_data_venue_field_map filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_event_translate_service_data_organizer_field_map filter to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_events_status_third_party action to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_events_aggregator_import_form action to allow new EA origins [114652]
  • Tweak – Added $origin_show_map_options parameter to the tribe_aggregator_fields filter to allow new EA origins to make use of them [114652]

[4.6.23] 2018-09-12

  • Fix – Fixed the „Full Styles“ mobile view. Thanks Matthew, Laura and others for flagging this! [112301]
  • Fix – Modify resource url function to work in mu-plugin directory, thanks to Doug for reporting it [86104]
  • Fix – Remove references to and settings for Facebook importing in Event Aggregator [112432]
  • Fix – Ensure Event Aggregator allows for importing events from Eventbrite sites other than eventbrite.com, including but not limited to eventbrite.ca, .co.uk, and .co.nz [107821]
  • Fix – Allow venue location fields to be intentionally empty on Venue Singular REST API calls [108834]
  • Tweak – Add the WordPress Custom Fields Metabox show|hide settings from the Events Calendar Pro [109815]
  • Tweak – Allow changing Event Aggregator import process system between the asynchronous and the cron-based one; previously only available as a filter [113418, 113475]
  • Tweak – Allow stopping and clearing asynchronous queue processes from the admin UI [113418, 113475]
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Aggregator__Record__Facebook

[] 2018-08-27

  • Fix – Allow user to choose venues not created by them. Props to @integrity, @nomadadmin, and many others for reporting this! [113147]

[4.6.22] 2018-08-22

  • Add – Allow filtering events, in REST API requests, by their post ID with include [94326]
  • Add – Enable future event display to get all events in the future that have not started [70769]
  • Add – Allow filtering events, in REST API requests, by their post ID with include [94326]
  • Add – Enable future event display to get all events in the future that have not started [70769]
  • Fix – Prevent subsequent CSV imports from duplicating events in some instances [102745]
  • Fix – The „Import events but preserve local changes to event fields“ Event Aggregator change authority setting will now behave as expected [87443]
  • Fix – Multiple fixes regarding linked post types (e.g. Organizers and custom post types) – props to @natureslens and others for reporting these [105116]:
    • Now correctly saves in their drag-and-drop order
    • Deprecated the functions added in version 4.6.13 that previously attempted to fix ordering logic but was not done in a backwards-compatible way: get_order_meta_key() and tribe_sanitize_organizers()
    • We no longer rely on a separate postmeta value dedicated to ordering linked posts (e.g. _EventOrganizerID_Order), and you may want to remove all such values from your database after re-saving any events that have linked posts and their ordering is important
    • tribe_get_linked_posts_by_post_type() now works as expected, no longer returning zero results in error, nor returning all of the post type’s posts if there are none linked. The tribe_events_return_all_linked_posts_if_none filter was added, as it is necessary for this fix.
    • Editing an existing event no longer loses the linked posts just because they were not part of the submission. Example of the bug in prior versions: If organizers are editable in the wp-admin event edit screen but not on the Community Events „event edit“ form (via template override or other custom code), all pre-existing organizers were removed in error.
  • Fix – Handle the case where Event Aggregator import queues might get stuck when deleting import records [111856]
  • Fix – Only show admin notice when it is a top-level page with the event slug, thanks to MikeNGarrett for the code fix! [111186]
  • Fix – Change template_redirect to an action for some legacy view redirects, thanks barryceelen! [110463]
  • Fix – Correctly import and set Organizers for iCal and ICS files Event Aggregator imports [96059]
  • Fix – Retain category title in month view and month view shortcode, thanks corthoover for the first report [108258]
  • Fix – The „Import events but preserve local changes to event fields“ Event Aggregator change authority setting will now behave as expected [87443]
  • Fix – Handle the case where Event Aggregator import queues might get stuck when deleting import records [111856]
  • Fix – Prevent subsequent CSV imports from duplicating events in some instances [102745]
  • Fix – Fix the classic header option not working. Thanks @hanemac, David Luyendyk and others for flagging this! [111672]
  • Tweak – Namespace javascript debug function to prevent conflicts causing a function found, thanks to Tom-Mulvey for the fix [110462]
  • Tweak – Add venue name to address string for iCal and gCal export, thanks for the coding from sylviavanos [110464]
  • Tweak – Drop the order from the query WPML linked query as it is set later in the method, thanks to dgwatkins for the PR [110459]
  • Tweak – Display JS debug messages only if setting is set or through the tribe_events_js_debug filter. Thanks to Rob, @aand and others for flagging this! [82781]

[4.6.21] 2018-08-01

  • Add – Make global $post obj available to tribe_events_get_the_excerpt() with setup_postdata($post) [108043]
  • Add – Added WPML metadata improvements for Organizers and Venue. Thanks to David Garcia Watkins and the entire WPML team for their contribution [106798]
  • Fix – Ensure no console errors are being displayed if there’s no Google Maps API key present. Thanks Greg for flagging this [95312]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where saving Event Aggregator scheduled imports with an empty preview would generate PHP notices [110311]
  • Fix – Escape each closing html element in month view tooltip to prevent PHP parser from exposing html, thanks to Karen for a solution [64834]
  • Fix – Sending empty ‚categories‘ and ‚tags‘ for the REST API event endpoints when inserting and updating events [109627]
  • Fix – Prevent selection of past dates when setting up Scheduled Other URL Imports in Event Aggregator [111227]
  • Tweak – Manage plugin assets via tribe_assets() [40267]
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Abstract_Asset in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Abstract_Events_Css in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Admin_Menu in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Admin_Ui in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Admin in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ajax_Calendar in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ajax_Dayview in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ajax_List in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Bootstrap_Datepicker in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Calendar_Script in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Chosen in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Datepicker in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Dialog in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Dynamic in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ecp_Plugins in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css_Default in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css_Full in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css_Skeleton in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Factory in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Jquery_Placeholder in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Jquery_Resize in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__PHP_Date_Formatter in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Settings in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Smoothness in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Tribe_Events_Bar in favor of using tribe_asset
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Tribe_Select2 in favor of using tribe_asset

[] 2018-07-10

  • Fix – Fix an issue where Event Aggregator imports might get blocked at 1% progress [110258]
  • Fix – Fix the error displayed when navigating the month view via shortcode. Thanks Lam, @ltcalendar, Disk and others for flagging this! [109589]

[4.6.20] 2018-07-09

  • Feature – Add featured event column support for CLI imports [108027]
  • Fix – Display the exact search term in the „no results“ notice on the events page [106991]
  • Fix – Allow venue and organizer fields to be intentionally empty on Event Singular REST API calls [109482]
  • Fix – Added basic checks to prevent saving obviously-invalid event meta values, such as sending EventStartMinute of 60 (since it should be 0-59) to tribe_create_event(). This prevents falling back to „zero“ values (e.g. Unix Epoch) when another value was intended. Thanks to @compton-bob for flagging this via our Help Desk. [109722]
  • Fix – Add Privacy Policy guide for The Events Calendar [108454]
  • Tweak – Added event ID parameter to tribe_events_event_classes filter to make it more useful [64807]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_record_finalized action to allow developers to act before Event Aggregator imports start [109938]

[4.6.19] 2018-06-20

  • Feature – CSV importer now supports a featured event column [72376]
  • Add – Add Eventbrite Icon to Third Party Accounts on the help page [105388]
  • Add – Accessibility repair: new title-bar template for loop views included above the filter bar and content containing the page title in a h1 tag.
  • Fix – Accessibility repair: adjust main content container element from div to main.
  • Fix – More robust handling of errors and exceptions during Event Aggregator imports [107929]
  • Fix – Ensure that the „Export Events“ button is properly displayed in month view when paginating. Thanks to @linpleva, Steven, Will and others for flagging this! [104751]
  • Fix – Month view pagination for datepicker formats: YYYY.MM.DD, MM.DD.YYYY, and DD.MM.YYYY. Thanks @netzwerk, @wdburgdorf, @oliverwick and others for notifying us! [105443]
  • Fix – Resolved customizer inconsistencies with month/week views and full styles [69758]
  • Fix – Check the Events Aggregator license each time the page is accessed [67864]
  • Fix – Improve Event Import message responses from Event Aggregator for certain cases where „Unknown service message“ would be returned [107606]
  • Fix – Make the date picker respect the „Start of the week“ Setting. Thanks to @websource, @dsb and others for flagging this! [76320]
  • Fix – Correct the „View All“ link when using the events month view and plain permalinks. props to Kay and Robert for notifying us [72544]
  • Fix – Keep filter bar date when changing from month to list view, with all datepicker formats. Thanks to Caio for reporting this! [83018]
  • Fix – Correct the pagination in list view when a keyword is being searched. Thanks to @versi, @akr and Mary for reporting this! [94613]
  • Fix – Split linked posts (Organizers and Venues) by ownership, for all users [71349]
  • Fix – The connected status for Eventbrite under Third Party Accounts on the Help page [106868]
  • Fix – Fixed two PHP 5.2 errors on the Events > Help page [108338]
  • Fix – Display the correct Import Settings when Eventbrite Tickets is enabled [106947]
  • Tweak – Modify the default values for the CSV settings if there’s no EA license [94426]
  • Tweak – Added classes to meta output in Single Event meta templates to facilitate customization [62704]
  • Tweak – Add the tribe_aggregator_async_insert_event filter to allow overriding the Event Aggregator asynchronous event insertion [107929]
  • Tweak – Add the 'tribe_aggregator_async_import_event_task filter to allow overriding the Event Aggregator asynchronous import task [107929]
  • Tweak – Added venue google map link to events in Day view [91610]
  • Tweak – Renamed the Time zone mode option „Use the local time zones for each event“ to „Use manual timezones for each event“ (thanks @hikeitbaby for the suggestion) [67148]
  • Tweak – Accessibility repair: heading hierarchy improvements throughout.
  • Tweak – Accessibility repair: make sure all elements have unique id attributes.
  • Tweak – Accessibility repair: remove redundant tab stops on feature image links.
  • Tweak – Accessibility repair: filter bar view selector adjustments.
  • Tweak – Accessibility repair: provide meaningful aria labels for filter bar inputs.
  • Tweak – Accessibility repair: hide Google Map embeds from screen readers.
  • Tweak – Enable only url imports for Eventbrite when that plugin is not active [107415]
  • Tweak – The EB 4.5 migration process to better detect events for migration and insure all fields are migrated [106623]
  • Tweak – Add tribe_events_month_has_events_filtered function and filter to see if there are events on a certain month, with filters (categories, search) [67607]
  • Language – 68 new strings added, 406 updated, 3 fuzzied, and 37 obsoleted

[4.6.18] 2018-06-04

  • Add – Eventbrite to Event Aggregator import origins [61172]
  • Add – Priority attribute to Import Setting fields to be able to customize order of fields [61173]
  • Add – Default category and change authority for Eventbrite Imports [61173]
  • Add – Ability to schedule Eventbrite imports through Event Aggregator [35454]
  • Add – Preview for Eventbrite events in the import screen ordered from farthest future event to closest [70130]
  • Add – Import Eventbrite events using the Other URL import origin [81825]
  • Add – Ability to preview and import multiple Eventbrite events using the Organizer URL [94284]
  • Add – Import from Eventbrite Location Search URL, i.e. https://www.eventbrite.com/d/or–portland/events/ [94588]
  • Tweak – Move Eventbrite settings from Legacy Import to Settings Import Tab [94388]
  • Tweak – Add Eventbrite imports to the Import History Tab [81826]
  • Tweak – Remove Legacy Imports UI [81829]

[4.6.17] 2018-05-29

  • Tweak – Add tribe_redirected parameter to enable a visitor to select another view after default mobile redirect, thanks to Marcella for notifying us [102743]
  • Fix – Hide any errors generated by servers that don’t support set_time_limit() (props to @jsww for flagging this!) [64183]
  • Fix – Add a warning when the site Timezone is set to UTC [105217]
  • Fix – An issue with organizers and venues not being attached to events on Eventbrite import [106869]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 170 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.6.16] 2018-05-16

  • Tweak – Replaced the Aggregator queue processing system to run independently of WP Cron (not for CSV) [105650]
  • Fix – Prevents notices for Events Community when handling State and Province fields [106415]

[4.6.15] 2018-05-09

  • Feature – Added wp-cli command to import events from a source with Event Aggregator. See wp event-aggregator import-from --help to know more [104426]
  • Feature – Added wp-cli command to run scheduled imports with Event Aggregator. See wp event-aggregator run-import --help to know more [104426]
  • Fix – Ensure that organizers can be deleted when an event has multiple organizers [103715]
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where the [tribe_events] Month View pagination would fail when no Tribe Bar was visible and plain permalinks were being used [95720]
  • Fix – Prevent url_to_postid from running when on the main events page to avoid query conflicts [94328]
  • Fix – Prevent 404s and malformed URLs that would sometimes arise when navigating to a past-events view from the „All“-events view on a single recurring event [43925]
  • Fix – Make the [tribe_events] shortcode’s output scroll to top when using the List View to match the non-shortcode List View [81509]
  • Fix – Ensure that default venue and address values are used throughout various venue-creation forms [63915]
  • Tweak – Honor the return types for tribe_has_next_event and tribe_has_previous_event when the global query is null
  • Language – 28 new strings added, 290 updated, 29 fuzzied, and 7 obsoleted

[] 2018-04-18

  • Fix – Fixed fatal error that would sometimes arise when The Events Calendar was set to display on the front page

[4.6.14] 2018-04-18

  • Fix – Updated the „front page“ logic to store the value in the DB instead of „mocking“ the view via JS [100832]
  • Fix – Fixed the generation of PHP warnings on retrieval of posts if the „Include events in main blog loop“ option is checked (thanks to Colin Carmichael for reporting this problem) [97667]
  • Fix – Made the tribe-ea-record custom post type (used to store Event Aggregator record information) private [99106]
  • Fix – Expanded the size of the time zone input in the admin to allow for better visibility for long names [100363]
  • Fix – If the main events page is set to be the site’s front page, ensure it shows as „selected“ in the Customizer’s front page option [100832]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where failed Event Aggregator scheduled imports would re-attempt the import too soon [102489]
  • Fix – Ensure the Tribe Bar displays all the available ranges of dates and times [100646]
  • Fix – Hid the filters in the Tribe Bar if a unique view is enabled [75114]
  • Fix – Fixed some imported-event handling so that events with no time and that aren’t all-day events do not display on the front-end [93979]
  • Fix – Changed the HTTP status codes of empty event, venue, organizer, category, and tag archives from 404 to 200 and return empty arrays to stick with WP REST API standard [102283]
  • Fix – Better „guessing“ on column mapping during the import of CSV file (thanks to April in our Help Desk for flagging this problem!) [96162]
  • Fix – Add new tribe_events_linked_post_type_meta_key filter, required to be set for each custom linked post type, to output custom linked post types in their drag-and-drop order (thanks @natureslens for highlighting the issue) [100733]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_aggregator_find_matching_organizer and tribe_aggregator_find_matching_venue filters in Events Aggregator to allow the definition of custom Venue and Organizer match criteria [97292]
  • Tweak – Display the retry time for a failed Event Aggregator scheduled import in the Scheduled tab [102489]
  • Tweak – Add new filter, tribe_events_import_event_duplicate_matches, to determine if an event is part of the duplicates matches [77956]
  • Tweak – Ensure „secondary“ maps, e.g. in the sidebar, have the same full-width behavior as „main“ maps [74052]
  • Tweak – Restore some missing header navigation elements [99742]
  • Tweak – Add notice if an import is missing required columns [67886]
  • Tweak – Save time zone and time zone abbreviation fields (if provided) even if date was not changed when saving event through API [102705]

[4.6.13] 2018-03-28

  • Feature – Added facilities allowing users to trash or permanently delete expired events [98826]
  • Fix – Corrected the behavior of the previous/next event links rendered on single event pages (props to @jeremyfelt for fixing this) [101757]
  • Fix – Save order of organizers as displayed in the admin (thanks to JobInfo and others for report) [79126]
  • Tweak – Added Gutenberg compatibility for the Gutenberg Extension plugin
  • Tweak – Added new filter tribe_tickets_venue_action_links_edit_url to modify the venue edit link for the sales and attendee reports [93923]
  • Tweak – Altered day view to start at 00:00:00 and not 00:00:01 [99641]

[4.6.12] 2018-03-08

  • Fix – Resolved an oversight resulting in notice-level errors when the tribe_event_is_on_date() function was called incorrectly (props to @sharewisdom for pointing this out) [99117]
  • Fix – Resolved errors within the admin environment when the „ticketed“ view of events is generated [99266]
  • Fix – Improved compatibility with WordPress SEO in relation to the default mobile events view [68716]
  • Fix – Resolved Javascript errors in month view which were triggered under some conditions by the presence of password-protected events [99089]
  • Fix – Improved logic responsible for identifying which events are expired (in the past) by using timezone-aware comparisons [91168]
  • Fix – Corrected the export of upcoming events from single organizer pages (added to support changes in Events Calendar PRO) [70727]
  • Tweak – Added safety checks around our use of the global $wp_query object (thanks @archetypalsxe for highlighting this issue!) [100199]
  • Tweak – Renamed ‚Use Javascript to control date filtering‘ option to ‚Enable live refresh‘ and improved the associated helper text [98022]
  • Tweak – Added caching to reduce the number of HTTP requests being made in relation to Event Aggregator within the admin environment [99486]
  • Tweak – Improved performance by reducing the number of queries that run in single event pages (in relation to tribe_get_prev_event_link() and tribe_get_next_event_link() specifically) [94587]
  • Tweak – Added pagination to single organizer and venue pages [97772]
  • Tweak – Improved compatibility with the Twety Seventeen theme (ensuring the calendar is full-width if set to be the site’s homepage) [97977]
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 161 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

[] 2018-02-16

  • Fix – The render of the venue and organizer templates (thanks to Antonio and others for reporting this in our forums) [99550]
  • Fix – Make sure events on calendar are not affected by DST changes [99537]

[4.6.11] 2018-02-14

  • Fix – Ensure parity of CSS styles between the default Month View and the embedded Month Views generated by Events Calendar PRO’s [tribe_events] shortcode (thanks @copoloff for reporting this bug!) [92329]
  • Fix – If tribe_ical_feed_calname is empty the property X-WR-CALNAME is not added to the .ics file [46620]
  • Fix – Stopped modifications of the main query if is in a single post to allow custom variables don’t affect the page loading when using shortcode (our thanks to Joseph Reckley and others for highlighting this problem) [91787]
  • Tweak – Fixed a handful of small CSS bugs in the mobile views of the Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen, and Twenty Fourteen themes [95693]
  • Tweak – Added new hooks (tribe_events_ical_before, tribe_events_ical_events_list_args and tribe_events_ical_events_list_query) to allow further customization of the iCal feed [86227]
  • Tweak – Added safeguards to reduce conflicts when lodash and underscore are used on the same site [92205]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 41 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[] 2018-01-26

  • Fix – Make sure rewrite rule for /events is not hardcoded and is based on dynamic option field (thanks to @earnjam and others for flagging this problem) [98463]

[4.6.10] 2018-01-23

  • Fix – Allow The Events Calendar REST API to be disabled using the tribe_events_rest_api_enabled filter [97209]
  • Fix – Remove the errant div.tribe-events-single-section on the single event view when there is no venue [97615]
  • Fix – Make sure the date for past events is set to the current date not the end of the day of the current date [71936]
  • Fix – Use featured_color_scheme_custom if present as mechanism to overwrite the default color scheme for highlight color [96821]
  • Fix – Make sure the date for past events is set to the current date not the end of the day of the current date [71936]
  • Tweak – Trigger an event map-created.tribe when a map is created to allow flexibility on customization [91984]
  • Tweak – Add a link to the knowledge base about ‚Setting Up Your Google Maps API Key‘ [89761]
  • Tweak – Add the_title filter to events called by tribe_events_template_data [38237]
  • Tweak – Made the „events“ and „event“ slugs translatable by WPML and other multilingual plugins [95026]
  • Tweak – Introduced the tribe_events_query_force_local_tz filter to allow for forcing non-UTC event start and end times in Tribe__Events__Query [92948]
  • Tweak – Prevent empty or otherwise-invalid values for various date-format options in the Display settings [94725]
  • Tweak – Brought day number headers in the Month View into compliance with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards when using the „Tribe Events“ stylesheet [68411]
  • Tweak – Improved the alignment of the event cost on the single-event view (props to @canberraclimbersassociation for reporting this bug) [97208]
  • Tweak – Added some more context to the labeling of the „Number of events per page“ option (thanks to Todd H. for highlighting this label) [73659]
  • Tweak – Improve performance on Event Admin List Count by removing JOIN and use cached results [63567]
  • Tweak – Made the „/page/“ component of some views‘ URL string translatable [40976]
  • Tweak – Button „Merge Duplicates“ is always visible from now on [75208]
  • Tweak – Allow queries to explicitly include or exclude events that are nominally hidden from event listings [91254]

[4.6.9] 2018-01-10

  • Feature – Add new utility functions tribe_is_events_home and tribe_is_events_front_page similar to native WP is_home and is_front_page [42195]
  • Fix – Avoid issues when importing multiple organizers that specify images [96354]
  • Fix – Make sure latitude and longitude information from iCal feeds is used if available [96363]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue that prevented EA from importing images attached to Facebook events [96393]
  • Fix – Remove the duplicate filter call that was running twice for tribe_rest_venue_data [96090]
  • Tweak – Added new tribe_aggregator_import_event_image, tribe_aggregator_import_venue_image and tribe_aggregator_import_organizer_image filter so that users can control whether, during EA imports, images should be attached to post or not [96393]
  • Tweak – Made it possible to translate the iCal feed’s description field (props @gafderks) [96677]
  • Tweak – Improved escaping of map IDs (props LucaPipolo) [96772]
  • Tweak – Added new REST API endpoint that allows looking up organizers by slug instead of ID at the path organizers/by-slug/{slug}/, it has the same functionality as the endpoint organizers/{ID} [96088]
  • Tweak – Added new REST API endpoint that allows looking up venues by slug instead of ID at the path venues/by-slug/{slug}/, it has the same functionality as the endpoint venues/{ID} [96088]
  • Tweak – Added slug to the REST API responses for organizer and venue data [96088]
  • Tweak – Added slug to the REST API parameters allowed to use when inserting or updating an organizer or event [96088]
  • Tweak – Added action: tribe_events_venue_save [96069]
  • Tweak – Added action: tribe_events_organizer_save [96069]
  • Tweak – Added filter: tribe_events_rest_venue_prepare_postarr [96069]
  • Tweak – Added filter: tribe_events_rest_organizer_prepare_postarr [96069]
  • Tweak – Old tribe_rest_venue_data filter was passing the venue and the event two the second parameter because of the duplication. Now it has the second parameter as $venue, third parameter as $event if event ID was provided [96090]
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 30 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.6.8] 2017-12-18

  • Fix – Preserve filter bar checkbox selections when changing views [66749]
  • Fix – Fix radio filters so they are only included as values when switching views when checked [72954]
  • Fix – Ensure the correct properties are set for list widget queries, to avoid problems when running alongside Events Calendar PRO (props @KZeni) [94105]
  • Fix – Fixed some layout issues with the „Buy Now“ button and stock labels on mobile list views [81115]
  • Fix – Fixed issue where left- or right-aligned images at the bottom of event descriptions would overlap event meta on single-event pages [71134]
  • Fix – Fixed issue where Google Maps Link would display in some situations even when there is no address information for which to generate a link. [94909]
  • Fix – Corrected reference to a Select2 asset (our thanks to @pyxis630 for flagging this problem and props to @andrasguseo for the fix) [95348]
  • Fix – Ensure that when start and end dates are passed to the REST API, all events within the date range are correctly retrieved (thanks @braffenberg and others for highlighting this issue!) [90005]
  • Tweak – Added Google Maps API key to all Google Maps URLs when the key is available, allowing maps to load more reliably on some hosting environments (props to @sfdfortnight, @thor, and many others for reporting this!) [62910]
  • Tweak – Adjusted CSS to improve the display of venue URLs/phone numbers (especially when Events Calendar PRO is also active) (our thanks to Mathew on the forums for flagging this issue) [69127]
  • Tweak – Added new REST API endpoint that allows looking up events by slug instead of ID at the path events/by-slug/{slug}/, it has the same functionality as the endpoint events/{ID} [92825]
  • Tweak – Added slug to the REST API responses for event data [92825]
  • Tweak – Added slug to the REST API parameters allowed to use when inserting or updating an event [92825]
  • Tweak – Added new tribe_events_rest_use_inclusive_start_end_dates filter so that users can make the REST API return events from a more literal date range [90005]
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 68 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.6.7] 2017-12-07

  • Fix – Fixed an issue where EA imports might not correctly create venues for iCalendar imports (thanks @starweb and others for highlighting this issue) [94323]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where Month View wouldn’t render correctly in X Theme with the „Events template“ option set to „Default Page Template“ [92554]
  • Fix – Fixed a WPML incompatibility issue where language could be switched to the wrong one (thanks @dgwatkins) [94732]
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_events_x_theme_force_full_content() filter to let users disable X Theme compatibility code [92554]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 2 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.6.6] 2017-11-21

  • Feature – Added Template class which adds a few layers of filtering to any template file included
  • Tweak – Added clear warnings and errors to prevent and limit the import of iCalendar sources missing required fields [93600]
  • Tweak – Included tribe_callback_return for static returns for Hooks
  • Tweak – Improved Aggregator notices including error data on the responses [87326]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 79 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.6.5] 2017-11-16

  • Fix – Improved legacy URL redirect logic to prevent unwanted redirects (our thanks to wesleyanhq and Adam Schwartz for highlighting this issue) [86942]
  • Fix – Modified tribe_get_template_part() to remove potential for multiple templates to be rendered in a single call [46630]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where Event Aggregator scheduled imports might remain stuck in pending status [90501, 92614, 91754]
  • Fix – Removed code which was automatically populating various address fields with default values when creating a new venue from within the event editor [44732]
  • Fix – Resolved some issues with the „Show Map“ and „Show Map Link“ options in CSV files not being reliably respected on import (props @joappf and many others for highlighting this issue) [82784]
  • Fix – Added opportunities to override edit linked post links [89015]
  • Fix – Fixed a bug where only some parts of event featured images were clickable in List Views (thanks @mattemkadia for highlighting this issue) [81392]
  • Fix – Fixed the broken ‚Learn more‘ URL received after an unsuccessful „Other URL“ import preview [92890]
  • Fix – Fixed issue in list view navigation with backwards previous/next classes (thanks @secondtoughest) [36230]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where venues and organizers would not be correctly assigned to events in CSV imports with import statuses other than „Publish“ [79680]
  • Tweak – Remove net import scheduled notes for on domand imports [79079]
  • Tweak – Allow for non-Latin characters to be used as the Events URL slug and the Single Event URL slug (thanks @daviddweb for originally reporting this) [61880]
  • Tweak – Remove net import scheduled notes for on domand imports [79079]
  • Tweak – Fixed some layout issues that would emerge with „Events URL Slug“ option when „Plain“ permalinks were enabled [92314]
  • Tweak – Tweaked some language in Event Aggregator’s metabox on individual edit-event screens to reduce confusion around the impact of the Update Authority on CSV imports [77957]
  • Tweak – Fix PHP 7.1 compatibility with Event Aggregator (props @BJP NEALE) [90002]
  • Tweak – Added new filter: tribe_events_force_filtered_ical_link. This makes the „Export Events“ URL more easily modifiable (thanks to @tdudley07 for highlighting this issue) [43908]
  • Tweak – Made the „End of Day Cutoff“ option better accommodate 24-hour and other time formats (thanks @festivalgeneral for bringing this issue to our attention!) [78621]
  • Tweak – Made the options presented by the timezone selector filterable (via the newly added tribe_events_timezone_choice hook – our thanks to National University’s Marketing Department for this idea) [92909]
  • Tweak – Improved integration with Twenty Seventeen – main events page now uses full height header when set to front page (thanks @uncovery for pointing this out) [89767]
  • Tweak – Ensured REST API taxonomy endpoints are only registered in WordPress versions 4.7 and higher (thanks @dnaber-de for reporting this) [93227]
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 132 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.6.4] 2017-11-09

  • Tweak – Timepicker is now part of Tribe Common, it was removed from The Events Calendar
  • Tweak – Required changes to make the plugin compatible with version 4.6 of Event Tickets
  • Language – 10 new strings added, 167 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

[4.6.3] 2017-11-02

  • Fix – Prevent JS error when adding a Pro widget in the WP Customizer screen [72127]
  • Fix – Fixed issue where the value of an event’s „Show Google Maps Link“ option would not properly affect the displaying of the link on List View (props: @etechnologie) [75547]
  • Fix – Added some more specification to our jquery-ui-datepicker CSS to limit conflicts with other plugins and themes [90577]
  • Fix – Improve shortcode pagination/view change url so it is reusable (props: @der.chef and others) [70021]
  • Fix – Ensure the tribe_json_ld_{type}_object filter is available to make modifications of event, venue and organizer JSON LD data possible (thanks to Mathew for flagging this problem) [89801]
  • Fix – Improved JSON LD output for events by outputting the correct UTC offset where required (our thanks to Nina and many others for flagging this issue) [78233]
  • Tweak – Fixed some display issues for the event schedule details (props @mia-caro)
  • Tweak – Improved the clarity of and amount of context for some linked post labels to make translation of those labels a little easier and more nuanced (props @hnacc and others) [88589]
  • Tweak – Changed the order in which the list view „next events“ link is assembled for better translatability (with thanks to @alelouya for highlighting this problem) [72097]
  • Tweak – Adjusted linked posts selector HTML to improve compatibility with Batcache [92049]
  • Tweak – Improved datepicker handling so an end date on or later than the start date can always be selected [89825]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 7 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.6.2] 2017-10-18

  • Fix – Restored functionality to the „currency position“ options in Events Settings, and in the per-event cost settings (props @schola and many others!) [89918]
  • Fix – Fixed issue in Month view with multi-month events not appearing on subsequent months (thanks @shinno.kei & @schittly for helping isolate this) [89747]
  • Fix – Made some changes to prevent Month View caching from breaking WPML support when in Month View (props: @mpike and many others!) [82286]
  • Fix – Fixed start/end times being displayed in incorrect timezone in structured data (thanks @mtncreative & @esosa) [42125]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue that would cause a 404 error if the selected default view was not enabled (thanks @pruneau) [45612]
  • Fix – Improved translatability by adding missing textdomains for a number of strings (props @pedro-mendonca) [91071]
  • Fix – Removed unneeded escaping to ensure the organizer link displays as expected (pros @f4w-pwharton) [91074]
  • Tweak – Improvements to the readme.txt file surrounding plugin requirements (thanks @ramiy) [90285]
  • Tweak – Improve site identification in multisite installations using Event Aggregator to avoid throttling issues [90489]
  • Tweak – Avoid notice level errors when a non-existent category archive is requested (our thanks to Charles Simmons for highlighting this) [90697]
  • Tweak – Added a new filter tribe_events_ical_single_event_links to make customizing the iCal and gCal export links on single-event views easier [90705]

[4.6.1] 2017-10-04

  • Fix – Fixed „Next Events“ and „Previous Events“ navigation links in list views, which would sometimes make a category-filtered list view lose its category filter as a user navigated through pages of future or past events (props @forumhelpdesk and @atomicdust for reporting this!) [72013]
  • Fix – Fixed some layout issues with the Tribe Bar datepicker that would arise when using a Twentysixteen or Twentyfifteen child them (thanks to @stefanrueegger for reporting this) [46471]
  • Fix – Prevented modification of event titles within the loop when using TRIBE_MODIFY_GLOBAL_TITLE [89273]
  • Fix – Fixed issue when exporting all-day multi-day events via iCal where the end date was one day early (Thank you @fairmont for reporting this!) [87775]
  • Fix – Fixed issues with the jQuery Timepicker vendor script conflicting with other plugins‘ similar scripts (props: @hcny et al.) [74644]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue that would prevent Event Aggregator scheduled imports from running [88395]
  • Fix – Fixed the „Start Time“ and „End Time“ timepicker fields in the event-creation screen to make it impossible to have an end date/time that comes before the start date/time [72686]
  • Tweak – Remove unnecessary parameters from some remove_action calls in the plugin (thanks to @JPry on GitHub for submitting this fix!) [88867]
  • Tweak – Adjusted the EA cron start time so that it never gets created in the past [88965]
  • Tweak – Improved options format in the Event Aggregator settings [88970]
  • Tweak – Added a filter to CSV importer for altering the delimiter, escaping, and enclosing characters [70570]
  • Tweak – Adjusted the tribe_update_venue() template tag so it no longer creates some unnecessary meta fields involving post_title, post_content, etc. (thanks @oheinrich for bringing this to our attention) [66968]
  • Tweak – Improved the performance of The Events Calendar REST API tweaking some queries [89743]
  • Tweak – Add support for a found_posts argument in tribe_get_events, tribe_get_venues and tribe_get_organizers functions to return the number of posts found matching the current query arguments [89743]
  • Deprecated – Deprecated the tribe-events-bar-date-search-default-value filter; use tribe_events_bar_date_search_default_value instead [67482]
  • Language – Improvements to aid translatability of text throughout plugin (props: @ramiy) [88982]
  • Language – 7 new strings added, 180 updated, 4 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted

[4.6] 2017-09-25

  • Feature – Added full CRUD REST support for Events, Organizers, Venues, Event Categories, and Tags
  • Tweak – Updated Bootstrap Datepicker to v1.7.0
  • Tweak – Added latitude/longitude to REST responses when available on venues
  • Tweak – Added JSON-LD data to REST responses when available
  • Tweak – Replaced deprecated first parameter of tribe_get_organizers() with a parameter that, when specified with a truthy value, returns only organizers with upcoming events attached to them
  • Tweak – Added linked post filters: tribe_{$this->post_type}_has_events_excluded_post_stati, tribe_events_tribe_organizer_create, tribe_events_tribe_organizer_update, tribe_event_venue_duplicate_post_fields, tribe_event_organizer_duplicate_custom_fields
  • Tweak – Added action: tribe_events_organizer_created
  • Tweak – Added REST filters: tribe_rest_organizer_default_only_with_upcoming, tribe_rest_venue_default_only_with_upcoming, tribe_events_rest_term_allow_delete
  • Tweak – Added duplicate-detection filters: tribe_duplicate_post_strategies, tribe_duplicate_post_strategy, tribe_duplicate_post_{$strategy}_strategy
  • Language – 152 new strings added, 217 updated, 6 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.5.13] 2017-09-20

  • Feature – Add link to the featured image in the Events List widget. New filter introduced to control this: tribe_events_list_widget_featured_image_link (props to @cabadaj007 for the feature request) [84807]
  • Feature – Remove ‚France, Metropolitan‘ option from country list to prevent issues with Google Maps API (thanks @varesanodotfr for pointing this out) [78023]
  • Feature – Ignored Events will restore previous status instead of setting to ‚publish‘ [82213]
  • Fix – Patched jQuery Resize vendor library to avoid JavaScript conflicts (props to @britner for the original report) [71994]
  • Fix – Fixed a typo in the Event List widget options [71081]
  • Fix – Addressed some PHP notices that would sometimes emerge in tag-filtered post lists in the wp-admin (thanks to @wfsec28 and others in the forums for reporting this!) [45274]
  • Fix – When „Full Styles“ or „Tribe Events Styles“ are used, prevent duplicate featured images from showing up in the Twenty Seventeen theme (props to @want2what and others in the forums for reporting this) [80955]
  • Fix – Fixed the issue that would prevent the start date and date range parameters from being taken into account when using ‚Other URL‘ source in Event Aggregator
  • Fix – Aggregator will no longer update comments while inactive [78890]
  • Fix – Avoid issues when REST API archive request parameters are not in the original order (thanks @Nslaver for reporting this and providing a fix) [88748]
  • Tweak – Aggregator prevents duplicated records with the same params from being created [68833]
  • Tweak – Aggregator will now allow for some minor shifts in schedule execution time to help distribute requests to EA Service [86628]
  • Tweak – Improve text in the Event Aggregator settings [77452]
  • Tweak – Add actions before and after posts are inserted or updated by Event Aggregator to allow custom functions to kick in (tribe_aggregator_before_insert_posts and tribe_aggregator_after_insert_posts) [87530]
  • Tweak – Allow users to import CSV with numerically-named categories by using a flag (currently %n) (thanks @Shamsi for reporting) [78340]
  • Tweak – Allow date range and events count limits to be set on each type of import (except for ‚Other URL‘) in Event Aggregator [79975]

[] 2017-09-19

  • Fix – Display events on Month View correctly for WordPress version 4.8.2 and up (props @realcrozetva for reporting this) [88952]

[] 2017-09-08

  • Fix – Fixed an issue where manually running Scheduled Imports would always result in a failed import [87321]

[] 2017-09-07

  • Fix – Fixed an issue where events imported via Event Aggregator from an iCal-like source would be duplicated in place of being updated [87654]

[4.5.12] 2017-09-06

  • Fix – Fixed an issue where, with certain date formats chosen in the Events display settings, the „Next Month“ link navigation wasn’t working (props to @tttammi and others for reporting this issue!) [86937]
  • Fix – Fixed a typo in REST API Swagger documentation that mentioned „organizer“ when it should have stated „venue“.
  • Fix – Fixed issues with Event Aggregator queueing system where events might be duplicated or incorrectly updated [79975]
  • Fix – Prevent notice when the Aggregator Record title is an array [82149]
  • Fix – Allows Aggregator Google Map settings to extend the Global Setting by default (props to queerio for reporting this!) [67639]
  • Fix – Prevent Warnings when throwing WordPress admin notices from Aggregator daily usage limit (props to cigarplanner for reporting this!) [83187]
  • Fix – Resolved problem where Aggregator wouldn’t allow you to remove filtering terms for Records [76949]
  • Fix – Allow any datepicker format to be used on Aggregator filtering Events (props to matthewseymour for reporting this!) [77819]
  • Fix – Added check to see if log directory is readable before listing logs within it (thank you @rodrigochallengeday-org and @richmondmom for reporting this) [86091]
  • Tweak – Datatables Head and Foot checkboxes will not select all items, only the current page [77395]
  • Tweak – Included tooltip for Aggregator „Hide & Ignore“ button for events [67890]
  • Tweak – Added all the Aggregator Origins to the Admin Bar [68693]
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_get_state_options
  • Tweak – Added template tags: maybe_format_from_datepicker()
  • Tweak – Added the tribe_rest_single_event_data filter to the single event REST API endpoint to allow filtering the returned data (thanks @mwender) [88748]
  • Language – 2 new strings added, 90 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

[4.5.11] 2017-08-24

  • Fix – Avoid Event Aggregator previews or scheduled imports being marked as failures [84259]
  • Fix – Fixed start and end date limit parsing for events archive in the REST API code [78375]
  • Fix – Fixed issue with tribe_events_get_the_excerpt() returning a read more link that sometimes pointed to the current page [70473]
  • Fix – Fixed Post ID not being sent to the_title filter for Organizers and Venues (props Anna L.) [85206]
  • Fix – Fixed issue where Month View tooltips would often go off-screen in some smaller viewport sizes [65136]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue that would sometimes render Event Aggregator options invalid even with a valid license [78469]
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where the mobile.php template file would often fail to include an event’s featured image [74291]
  • Fix – Resolved issue where invalid linked post IDs prevent proper updates on linked posts (props to Mathew L. and a few others for highlighting this issue) [71802]
  • Fix – Do not hijack the blog when the main events page is configured to appear on the site’s homepage (our thanks to Jason and others for flagging this problem) [72094]
  • Fix – Remove extra trailing double-quotes at the end of the timepicker data-format attributes [85603]
  • Fix – Fixed an issues where Event Aggregator scheduled imports could not run other than manually [81639]
  • Tweak – Prevent stray commas from showing up for some event venues in the List View [72289]
  • Tweak – Prevent stray commas from showing up for some event venues in the Day View [85429]
  • Tweak – Modify certain event queries to widen the window of opportunity for query caching (props @garretjohnson) [84841]
  • Tweak – Improve Event Aggregator message regarding Facebook token expiration [70376]
  • Tweak – Support importing from URLs (Event Aggregator) where the protocol hasn’t been specified by defaulting to HTTP [76466]
  • Tweak – Removed WP API adjustments [85996]
  • Tweak – Added filter: tribe_aggregator_meta_source to filter the Event Aggregator import source
  • Tweak – Added filter: tribe_events_linked_post_meta_values_{$current_linked_post_meta_key} for filtering the array of values retrieved for a specific linked post meta field
  • Tweak – Updated views: src/views/day/single-event.php and src/views/list/single-event.php
  • Compatibility – Minimum supported version of WordPress is now 4.5
  • Language – Improvements to various strings to improve ease of translation (props to @ramiy)
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 56 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted [the-events-calendar]

[] 2017-08-16

  • Fix – Updates common library to resolve a range of issues preventing frontend assets from loading and breaking parts of our user interface [85017]

[4.5.10] 2017-08-09

  • Fix – Avoid duplicate events when importing from some iCal, Google Calendar and Facebook feeds in Event Aggregator (our thanks to Jason Sears, controlyours and many other users for highlighting these issues) [67038]
  • Fix – Fixed bug that caused scheduled imports to get stuck in a perpetual state of failure when receiving error messages from the Event Aggregator service (our thanks to Antonio Jose and others for flagging this problem) [83767]
  • Fix – Resolved issue where errors from the Event Aggregator service were not properly logging/visible on the History tab [83767]
  • Tweak – Made linked post fields‘ auto-save features more stringently check for empty values to prevent the plugin from trying to „save“ empty values (our thanks to Jean-Marie for highlighting this problem) [80282]
  • Tweak – Moved the organizer e-mail address field label a bit to better accommodate Community Events [80426]
  • Tweak – Added filter to tribe_get_display_end_date()’s return value [77730]
  • Tweak – Avoid notice-level errors while processing queues within Event Aggregator (our thanks to David Sharpe and others for reporting this) [84020]
  • Tweak – Improve compatibility and avoid Javascript errors when running alongside Twenty Seventeen [70853]
  • Compatibility – Minimum supported version of WordPress is now 4.4
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 119 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

[4.5.9] 2017-07-26

  • Fix – Send Aggregator callback URL with correct Scheme [83364]
  • Fix – Scheduled Aggregator cron for inserting will re-enqueue to complete scheduled imports [83382]
  • Fix – Avoid overwriting Venues and Organizers when importing FB events with similarly named Venues and Organizers [75370]
  • Fix – Improve handling of large and/or slow Google Calendar and iCal feeds [79975]
  • Tweak – Added period „.“ separator to datepicker formats. [65282]
  • Tweak – Added tribe_events_month_get_events_in_month filter to allow overriding of events used in month templates. [83317]

[] 2017-07-21

  • Fix – Fixed an issue where failed EA Imports would hang for a long time before failing [83344]

[4.5.8] 2017-07-13

  • Fix – Remove permalink logic for recurring events (Events Calendar PRO will implement instead) [74153]
  • Fix – Avoid type error when setting up one-time imports for Facebook URLs (our thanks to @J for flagging this!) [78664]
  • Fix – Add a safety check in isOrganizer() function (our thanks to Kevin for flagging this!) [81645]
  • Fix – Avoid EA Client hanging when no events are found while attempting an import from a Facebook source [82713]
  • Fix – Improve compatibility of The Events Calendar when operating with WPML from within a subdirectory (props: @dgwatkins) [81998]

[4.5.7] 2017-06-28

  • Fix – Restore support for translated events category slugs when WPML is active [73478]
  • Fix – Improve handling of shortcodes within event view excerpts (props: @awbauer) [81226]
  • Fix – Improve compatibility with WPML in relation to event permalinks specifically (props: @dgwatkins) [81224]
  • Fix – Improved handling of Venue fields that allows for better form validation in Community Events [76297]
  • Tweak – Better detection and reporting of communication failures with the Event Aggregator server
  • Tweak – Textual corrections (with thanks to @garrett-eclipse for highlighting many of these) [77196]
  • Tweak – New filter added („tribe_events_linked_posts_dropdown_enable_creation“) to facilitate more control over linked posts [80487]
  • Tweak – Improve performance of theme compatibility code [71974]
  • Tweak – Don’t show Event Aggregator system status in Help tab if there’s no Event Aggregator license in place [68506]

[4.5.6] 2017-06-22

  • Tweak – Improved how Cost field looks and it’s consistency across views [71092 & 71094]
  • Fix – Resolved issue where the Meta Chunker attempted to inappropriately chunk meta for post post_types [80857]
  • Tweak – Added actions: tribe_events_inside_cost
  • Tweak – Changed views: day/single-event, day/single-featured, list/single-event, list/single-featured
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 15 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted [the-events-calendar]
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 0 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted [tribe-common]

[4.5.5] 2017-06-14

  • Fix – Removed extra double quotes in organizer link output [71133]
  • Fix – Make the list and day view styles match more closely [63599]
  • Fix – Better sanitization on CSV imports (thanks to Valentinos Chouris from NCC Group for reporting this) [80311]
  • Fix – Prevent tabs from being incorrectly escaped in iCal output (props: KZeni) [80452]
  • Fix – Fixed inconsistent font styling of Tribe Bar form labels. [27252]
  • Tweak – Removed unused Javascript (jQuery UI Dialog) to help avoid warnings (our thanks to @gama6889 for flagging this) [80766]
  • Tweak – Added new filter hooks ‚tribe_events_register_event_type_args‘ and ‚tribe_events_register_event_cat_type_args‘ [80658]

[4.5.4] 2017-06-06

  • Tweak – Minor tweaks to the CSS for linked post types (Organizer/Venues)
  • Fix – Prevent drag and drop icon showing when singular linked post type is been displayed
  • Fix – Resolved issue where scheduled imports sometimes failed to execute [79587]
  • Fix – Better sanitization of data (Props to Valentinos Chouris for reporting this) [80310]
  • Language – 2 new strings added, 156 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 4 obsoleted [the-events-calendar]
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 20 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted [tribe-common]

[4.5.3] 2017-06-01

  • Fix – Made it easier to translate the update confirmation message (our thanks to safu9 for highlighting this) [79729]
  • Fix – Fixed compatibility issue with WPML which caused organizers and venues to disappear on translated events [67581]
  • Fix — Fixed bug where venues and organizers would be duplicated when their associated event is previewed. [64088]
  • Tweak – Other fixes to the plugin verbiage (with thanks to @garrett-eclipse and others)

[] 2017-05-19

  • Fix – Prevent fatal errors occuring in PHP 5.5 and earlier [79208]

[4.5.2] 2017-05-17

  • Fix – Correct REST API reference URL (our thanks to Lindsey for flagging this) [78658]
  • Fix – Improve Event Aggregator integration to avoid situations where imports continually restart but do not complete [77988]
  • Tweak – Make the inclusion or exclusion of the year (within the event schedule string) filterable [78070]
  • Tweak – Adjustments to help avoid false positive security alerts being generated in relation to our customizer integration [78355]

[4.5.1] 2017-05-04

  • Fix – Prevented errors on EA import screen that happened in exotic circumstance. Thanks @kathryn for reporting this! [75787]
  • Fix – Made EA preserve custom dates after reimporting a Facebook Event when option is set. [75787]
  • Fix – Enhance month view caching to minimize impact of JSON-LD generation [74656]
  • Tweak – Styling/layout improvements within the Event Aggregator screen [77895]

[] 2017-05-01

  • Fix – Ensure compatibility with WordPress version 4.4 and earlier

[] 2017-05-01

  • Fix – Resolving issue where some premium plugins were falsely claiming they were out of date

[4.5] 2017-05-01

  • Feature – Event Aggregator now allows users to import from other sites with The Events Calendar [68139]
  • Feature – Include a Events REST API endpoint for read operations [70711]
  • Feature – Include granular Scheduling for Events Aggregator
  • Tweak – Update Authority for modified fields now will include Organizer, Venues and Taxonomy changes [71152]
  • Tweak – Clean up direct calls to get events and use wrapper tribe_get_events() which has a hook for customizing
  • Tweak – Remove including Event Tickets for backwards compatibility as a vendor library [71908]
  • Tweak – Create a global ID to increase consistency on all of the imported items with Event Aggregator [75218]
  • Fix – Prevent Aggregator to run on Empty Queues thus generating fatals (props to @Donald for the report here) [75377]
  • Fix – Categories and Tags are no longer cleared when importing with Event Aggregator (thank you @Nicolas for the report) [74264]
  • Fix – Increase consistency on Column Mapping for CSV imports [76476]
  • Tweak – Added filters for REST API: tribe_events_rest_url_prefix, tribe_rest_url, tribe_events_rest_use_builtin, tribe_rest_events_archive_data, tribe_rest_event_max_per_page, tribe_rest_event_data, tribe_rest_venue_data, tribe_rest_organizer_data, tribe_rest_event_categories_data, tribe_rest_event_tags_data, tribe_rest_event_taxonomy_term_data, tribe_rest_event_featured_image, tribe_events_rest_api_enabled
  • Tweak – Added filters for REST API Documentation: tribe_rest_swagger_cost_details_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_date_details_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_image_details_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_image_size_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_term_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_event_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_organizer_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_venue_documentation, tribe_rest_swagger_documentation
  • Tweak – Added filters for Modified fields tracking: tribe_tracker_post_types, tribe_tracker_excluded_meta_keys, tribe_tracker_enabled, tribe_tracker_enabled_for_terms, tribe_tracker_taxonomies
  • Tweak – Added filters for Event Aggregator: tribe_aggregator_localized_data, tribe_aggregator_service_messages, tribe_aggregator_url_import_range_options, tribe_aggregator_url_import_range_cap, tribe_aggregator_url_import_range_start, tribe_aggregator_url_import_range_end
  • Tweak – Removed filters for Event Aggregator: tribe_aggregator_track_modified_fields
  • Tweak – Added actions for Initialization: tribe_events_bound_implementations
  • Tweak – Removed methods for Tribe__Events__Main: track_event_post_field_changes, maybe_load_tickets_framework
  • Tweak – Removed methods for Tribe__Events__Aggregator__Service: has_service_message

[4.4.5] 2017-03-23

  • Fix – Local changes to events should be preserved in accordance with the Event Import Authority setting (thanks to @bryan for reporting this one) [72876]
  • Fix – Correct the value for days of the week abbreviation (thanks @mmmmartin03 for the report) [75379]
  • Tweak – Enable the month view cache by default on new installations [74867]
  • Tweak – External links to Google maps changed from http to https (nice find by @bjf2000 – reported via the .org support page) [74930]
  • Tweak – Links to WordPress.org changed from http to https (ultimately this is also credited to @bjf2000’s find. Thanks!) [72273]

[4.4.4] 2017-03-08

  • Fix – Avoid unnecessarily removing a callback from an action while inside the same action (improves PolyLang compatibility – props @Chouby) [73122]
  • Fix – Resolving issue where sites that overrode the wp-admin path would fail to successfully perform a Facebook OAuth with Event Aggregator [74687]
  • Tweak – Improve template loading for easier customization by developers and better support of the template hierarchy (props @QWp6t) [72842]

[4.4.3] 2017-02-22

  • Fix – Resolved issue where iCal exports on month view were exporting more events than intended (thanks to @s2ldesign for reporting in our forums) [72133]
  • Fix – Resolved meta width issue for maps when Pro is active (gracias a @ANTONIO JOSE por el reporte del error) [69844, 72272]
  • Fix – Resolved issue where featured images were not being imported via Event Aggregator Facebook imports (cheers to @Cody for the initial bug report) [72764]
  • Fix – Resolved issue where translated ‚all‘ slugs were not respected (thank you @Marianne for your report in the forums) [71996]
  • Tweak – Translation improvements and fixes (@Katja – thanks! ) [70068]
  • Tweak – Allow „-1“ when specifying the „Month view events per day“ setting [70497]

[4.4.2] 2017-02-09

  • Fix – Ensure the global and source-specific Google Map settings for imports are respected [67228]
  • Fix – Prevent PHP 5.2 Strict mode from throwing notices due to usage of is_a [72812]
  • Fix – Ensure the events list widget’s show/hide if there are upcoming events setting is respected [72965]
  • Tweak – Add filters for template tag functions related to dates: tribe_get_start_time, tribe_get_end_time, tribe_get_start_date and tribe_get_end_date [67759]

[] 2017-01-26

  • Fix – Resolved fatal caused when rendering themes that override tribe styles

[4.4.1] 2017-01-26

  • Fix – Resolve the Fatals related to undefined methods and Memory exhaustion [71958, 71912]
  • Fix – iCal export for Single events working again [71916]
  • Tweak – Changes the Search label to prevent duplicate words (props @oheinrich) [72149]
  • Tweak – Add theme version to tribe-event.css (props @berler) [71973]
  • Fix – Resolve JavaScript error when jQuery was been de-registered [71369]
  • Fix – Prevent Fatals when Importing Images on Event Aggregator [70576]
  • Fix – Prevent Third Party notes to be escaped, anchor link working again [71872]
  • Fix – Google Maps now are using HTTPS instead of HTTP (props @cliffordp)
  • Fix – Prevent Fatals on Event Aggregator Cron, due to Activity logging failure [71904]
  • Fix – Elminate some cases of problem with Facebook manual import on Event Aggregator [69137]
  • Fix – WPML integration smaller incompatibilities [70520, 70522]

[] 2017-01-09

  • Fix – Adds safety check to ensure a smooth activation process when earlier versions of Tribe Common are active

[4.4] 2017-01-09

  • Feature – Add dynamic helper text to single event editor to display the events date and time [66484]
  • Feature – Add support for featured events [65898]
  • Feature – Add support for placing the main events archive on the site homepage [38757]
  • Feature – Add support for the theme customizer [67489]
  • Feature – Make it possible to adjust map pins via the theme customizer [65889]
  • Feature – Support for Event Aggregator in a multisite network context added [61427]
  • Fix – Add a link to The Events Calendar Help page in the Network Administration screen of multisite installations [68665]
  • Fix – Multisite license editing and displaying consistency [68662]
  • Tweak – Adjusted styles and added actions for featured events in the List Widget [65923]
  • Tweak – Organizers and Venues are now with a better and cleaner interface [68430]
  • Tweak – Eliminate duplicate meta data for organizer posts [25084]
  • Tweak – Improved the start/end date user interface [66486, 66487, 66550]
  • Tweak – iCal export now includes all events – up to a reasonable limit – rather than just those in the current view [65037]
  • Tweak – Adjustments made to the default week view color scheme [69756]
  • Tweak – Add AJAX and improve consistency of the venue and organizer UI [38129]

[4.3.5] 2016-12-20

  • Tweak – Updated the template override instructions in a number of templates [68229]
  • Tweak – Improve behavior of tribe_get_events_title() in respect of single events [46313]
  • Tweak – Event Aggregator will only load on the Administration, prevent bigger loads for Front-End users [70812]
  • Tweak – Allow better filtering for Organizers and Venue Meta fields (Props: @Chouby from Polylang) [70894]
  • Fix – Prevent JavaScript Notices related to Bumpdown [69886]
  • Fix – Assets URL on Windows Servers are fully operational again [68377]
  • Fix – JavaScript and CSS files will respect HTTPS on all pages [69561]
  • Fix – Fixed comment count and visibility issues due to Event Aggregator records [68297]
  • Fix – Fixed PHP notices and warnings raised when importing .ics files [69960]
  • Fix – Only show link to Venues if Pro is active in List View [69887]
  • Fix – Fixed and issue that would make Event Aggregator importing notices remain stuck in the Import screen [70614]
  • Fix – Avoid error screen when saving licenses on multisite installations [68599]
  • Fix – Fix calendar view links in WPML language switcher [67134]

[] 2016-12-13

  • Fix – Correct an oversight leading to breakages of the /all/ events archive for Events Calendar PRO users [70662]

[] 2016-12-09

  • Fix – Updates Tribe Common to remove some stray characters that were impacting page layouts (props: @Aetles) [70536]

[4.3.4] 2016-12-08

  • Tweak – Tribe Common now is loaded only once across our plugin suite, improves performance in some cases [65755]
  • Fix – Featured Images for Event Aggregator imports are working as expected again. [69465]
  • Fix – Google Calendar and iCalendar files are now updating their respective events [68684]
  • Fix – On demand Event Aggregator records will update events correctly [69542]

[4.3.3] 2016-11-16

  • Feature – Added Tribe Extension class and loader, to make small addons easier to build [68188]
  • Fix – Ordering on Month view is working as expected again [69123]
  • Fix – Enable ampersand character in mobile month view titles (thanks @kate for the report of this) [45409]
  • Fix – Prevent notices for Event Aggregator License checking [67981]
  • Fix – Mismatched text domains are resolved, important for translations (props to @Hans) [68462]
  • Fix – Sticky on Month View is working as expected again [68902]
  • Fix – Prevent HTTPS websites from pointing to Assets in HTTP [68372]
  • Fix – On WP_Query we will no-longer overwrite custom post__not_in params [42143]

[4.3.2] 2016-11-02

  • Fix – Fixes an issue where the text in the Location search field was URL encoded when using the back or forward button for navigation. [61742]
  • Fix – Aggregator Errors will not show more than once daily as comments (Thanks @Jacob for your report on the forums) [68094]
  • Fix – Event Aggregator ICS default configuration now are been Selected Correctly [67885]
  • Fix – Shortcode Month view now will display tooltips correctly [68094]
  • Fix – Avoid loading the select2 JavaScript library twice when Advanced Custom Fields is activated (props to @ryan for the initial report [43605]
  • Fix – Avoid errors and notices on calendar page when X theme and WPML plugins are active (thanks @ingrid for reporting this one) [64400]

[] 2016-10-20

  • Fix – Corrected a packaging issue from the 4.3.1 release [67936]

[4.3.1] 2016-10-20

  • Tweak – Implement the pruning of Event Aggregator history records after 7 days, filterable by tribe_aggregator_record_retention [68283]
  • Tweak – Event Aggregator will now verify that the license key has uses remaining before creating a history record [68286]
  • Tweak – Improve tribe_create_event documentation (Props to Keith) [44871]
  • Fix – Resolved an issue where scheduled Event Aggregator imports marked as „On Demand“ were being run by cron [68284]
  • Fix – Resolved a bug where empty meta fields were being inserted into Event Aggregator record post meta [68290]
  • Fix – Resolved a bug where Venue and Organizers urls were been generated incorrectly (Thanks @Matt) [68168]
  • Fix – Pagination links on Month view are updating correctly [67977]
  • Fix – Resolved the support for translated event category archive slug that could lead to broken links on the front-end while using WPML (Props to Wilco in the support Forums) [62018]
  • Fix – Resolved a bug where searching for past events in the List view would always yield no results (Thanks for the report @Davide) [61863]
  • Fix – Resolved an issue where long file names would break plugin updates on some Windows installations (pros to @Alan [62552]
  • Fix – Resolved an issue where the /all link on recurring events on non English websites could be broken (reported by @lumiest – thanks!) [68062]
  • Fix – Pagination links on Month view are updating correctly [67977]

[] 2016-10-14

  • Fix – Preventing legacy Facebook events from being duplicated

[4.3] 2016-10-13

  • Feature – Added Event Aggregator to enable service-based event imports from iCal feeds, Facebook, and Meetup
  • Feature – Revamped the CSV import screens to work within the new Event Aggregator pages
  • Tweak – Adjusted some view logic to support the new Event Views shortcode in Pro [44800]
  • Tweak – Added a button to copy the system infomation on the help tab [43709]
  • Tweak – Added an option for users to opt into automatic system infomation so our support system can grab the system information found on the help tab automatically [31645]
  • Tweak – Use an earlier hook for iCal feed generation (props @jlambe) [64141]
  • Tweak – Revise and simplify integration with Event Tickets attendee screen [61992]
  • Tweak – Added context to a set of strings to make translation easier (props @pedro-mendonca) [64586]
  • Tweak – Deprecated various disused functions and classes relating to the Meta Factory [39905]
  • Fix – Cease using GLOB_BRACE for including deprecated files due to limited server support [63172]
  • Fix – Avoid problems that can occur when hooking and unhooking actions (props @Chouby) [63474]
  • Fix – Resolves an issue where we were duplicating a core WordPress hook but with a different set of parameters (props @Chouby) [66455]
  • Fix – Correct the datetime formatting issues within the iCal feed (props @henryk) [65968]
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::initOptions() has been deprecated with no replacement
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::set_meta_factory_global() has been deprecated in favor of using the Tribe__Events__Meta_Factory class
  • Deprecated – The setup_meta() method in both the Tribe__Events__Template__Single_Event and Tribe__Events__Template_Factory classes has been deprecated
  • Deprecated – The the_title(), event_date(), event_category(), event_tag(), event_website(), event_origin(), organizer_name(), organizer_email(), venue_name(), venue_address(), and venue_map() methods have been deprecated in the Tribe__Events__Advanced_Functions__Register_Meta class
  • Deprecated – The register(), check_exists(), and get_args() methods have been deprecated in the Tribe__Events__Meta_Factory class

[4.2.7] 2016-09-15

  • Tweak – Additional support for plugin extensions

[4.2.6] 2016-08-31

  • Add – tribe_is_event_past() conditional to detect if event end time is past current time (Reported by @Jonathan in our support forums – thanks Jonathan.)

[4.2.5] 2016-08-17

  • Fix – Fixed inconsistent template filtering logic for single event template [62525]
  • Tweak – Restored preview for published events [64874]

[4.2.4] 2016-08-03

  • Tweak – Changed „Event Add-Ons“ to load faster [64286]
  • Fix – Fixed default venue setting [64628]
  • Fix – Fixed default venue state and province settings [64629]

[4.2.3] 2016-07-20

  • Fix – In month view, be sure to unhook JSON-LD output when calling unhook function
  • Fix – Incorrect JSON-LD event start and end times (thank you @jjbte for reporting on .org forums)
  • Fix – Show Google Map and Link checkbox so they show when editing an event (Reported originally by Michael of @NailedIT in the .org forum)
  • Fix – Use Community Events Venue Edit Link when on Community Events Forms instead of Admin (also as a result of the report abve from @NailedIT. Thanks again.)

[4.2.2] 2016-07-06

  • Fix – Small CSS Issue on Welcome Page
  • Fix – Month view on mobile device width doesn’t have links to prev/next months
  • Fix – Reimport of updated CSV removes featured image (Bug #46149)
  • Fix – Fixed the issue that would make multiple organizers details disappear when trying to submit invalid event data using Community
  • Fix – Add a check to avoid being unable to switch view when Filter Bar plugin is active and at least one field is set to auto-complete mode
  • Fix – Only add the events custom post type to the tag archive queries and not custom queries with tags [45635]
  • Fix – When using the filter tribe_events_excerpt_allow_shortcode shortcodes will be maybe be processed in event excerpts in the list views [42289]

[] 2016-06-28

  • Fix – Ensure translations load as expected with all supported versions of WordPress (thanks to @JacobALund for originally reporting this on .org forums)

[4.2.1] 2016-06-22

  • Tweak – Adjust the caching rules for Month View for faster loading
  • Fix – Replace a bad return type to avoid unnecessary notices in the error log
  • Fix – Add missing styles for correctly hide screen reader text
  • Fix – Fixes tribe_get_event_link() which wasn’t working when passing second parameter as `true‘
  • Tweak – Reduce the ginormous font size of Month View titles in skeleton styles
  • Fix – Add styling to adjust List View description to full width
  • Fix – Miscellaneous tweaks to improve the Month and Day views
  • Fix – Fix a shorthand array that was causing errors in PHP 5.2 and 5.3 when importing events

[4.2] 2016-06-08

  • Feature – Added Google Maps API key field in the Settings tab to avoid map timeouts and errors on larger sites (Thanks to Yan for reporting this!)
  • Feature – Added support for featured image, multiple organizers, excerpt and more custom fields in the .csv file import function for events (Thank you to Graphic Designer for posting on UserVoice!)
  • Feature – Added support for featured image, description, map details and more custom fields in the .csv file import function for venues
  • Feature – Added support for featured image and description in the .csv file import function for organizers (Thank you to Rebecca for posting on UserVoice!)
  • Feature – Added an oEmbed template for events
  • Feature – Improve performance of a query used to determine if there are free/uncosted events (Thank you @fabianmarz for the pull request!)
  • Feature – Added support for attaching custom post types to events
  • Tweak – Improved filtering of the tribe_event_featured_image() function (Cheers to @fabianmarz!)
  • Tweak – Add an encoding class for the CSV importer to prevent non utf8 characters from preventing imports (Thanks to screenrage for the report!)
  • Tweak – Improved our JSON-LD output to ensure consistency (Props to @garrettjohnson and Lars!)
  • Tweak – Language files in the wp-content/languages/plugins path will be loaded before attempting to load internal language files (Thank you to user aafhhl for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Tweak – Switch to HTTPS for the „Powered by The Events Calendar“ link (Thank you Cynthia for reporting this!)
  • Tweak – Switch to using HTTPS by default for interactions with Google Maps API
  • Tweak – Improved filterability of calendar excerpts by introducing the new tribe_events_get_the_excerpt filter hook
  • Tweak – Improved filtering of organizer details when importing by CSV (Props to @Geir for bringing this up!)
  • Tweak – Adjustments for single event view in Twenty Fifteen theme
  • Tweak – Improved performance of query used to test for events without any cost
  • Tweak – Added missing semicolon to a laquo (Props to mwender on GitHub for the fix!)
  • Tweak – Improve the „stickiness“ of CSV import column mappings (Thank you @jamesgol!)
  • Tweak – Consistency of JSON-LD markup improved (Cheers to @garrettjohnson for the help!)
  • Tweak – Avoid notice-level errors when working with WP CLI on a site where The Events Calendar is also active (Thanks to @sun)
  • Tweak – Corrected the spelling of timezone in the CSV Importer’s event field
  • Tweak – Updated venue and organizer templates to use the new architecture for attaching custom post types to events
  • Tweak – Move plugin CSS to PostCSS
  • Tweak – Category default view is now set to default in place of hardcoding the current default view in the category base rewrite rule [31907]
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__PUE__Checker, Tribe__Events__PUE__Plugin_Info, and Tribe__Events__PUE__Utility classes are deprecated and are replaced by Tribe__PUE__Checker, Tribe__PUE__Plugin_Info, and Tribe__PUE__Utility classes
  • Fixed – Changed the use of have_posts() in the maybe iCal links for the main views that could cause an infinite loop
  • Accessibility – Focus styles added for search fields
  • Accessibility – Add ARIA labels for Month/Day/List sub nav
  • Accessibility – Add ARIA label for events footer sub nav heading

[4.1.4] 2016-05-19

  • Fix – Improve accuracy of list view pagination after switching from month view
  • Tweak – Give the multi-organizer form ’sticky‘ properties so values persist even if the submission is initially rejected
  • Tweak – Resolved minor CSS issues in the welcome page

[4.1.3] 2016-04-28

  • Fix – Month View single days are now ordered as follows: sticky events, ongoing multi-day events, all day events, then start time. In other words, all events should be ordered as you’d expect when viewing events in Month View.
  • Fix – Updated the compatibility of CSV importer with WordPress 4.5 due to a change in the post_status filter. This will help prevent some of the errors you may have seen when importing events using a CSV file.
  • Tweak – Added new event names for AJAX success to the List, Month, and Day views to help The Events Calendar’s compatibility with our other premium plugins.

[4.1.2] 2016-04-11

  • Tweak – Removed an unneeded hook that attempted to add a query argument to event tag links
  • Fix – Resolved an issue where events marked as „sticky“ would not display as such in Month View
  • Fix – Dashes, hyphens, or whatever you like to call them in the events archive slug no longer breaks the URL
  • Fix – The notice that pops up when a conflicting „events“ page exists can now be dismissed

[] 2016-04-07

  • Security – Tightened up security with post type link filtering (props to Nadal Soler for reporting this issue!)
  • Security – Tightened up security around tribe bar submissions (props to Paul Mynarsky for reporting this issue!)

[4.1.1] 2016-03-30

  • Fix – Resolved bug where array notices were output on single event pages when venues were not set (props to zaxiscreative for reporting this issue!)
  • Fix – Resolved issue where the Month View in mobile sizes retained the long day-of-week names when the abbreviations should have been used (props to Lucy for the bug report!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug where a „0“ was added to the default Venue name when creating a new event
  • Fix – Fixed notice that caused Ajax requests to fail (props to cgrymala on WP.org for reporting this!)
  • Fix – Removed quotes from around TZID-specified timezones in iCal feeds which causes problems with some parsers (props to factory44 for reporting the issue that lead to this fix)
  • Fix – Resolved various capitalization issues with German translations (props to oheinrich in our forums for pointing out this issue!)

[] 2016-03-17

  • Fix – Resolved multiple issues with the German de_DE language file that caused a number of site-breaking issues

[4.1] 2016-03-15

  • Feature – Added a tribe_get_venue_website_url() function for fetching Venue website URLs (props to fervorcreative in our forums for this request!)
  • Performance – Lazy-load venue and organizer selector data
  • Tweak – Allow iCal filenames to be filtered via a new filter: tribe_events_ical_feed_filename
  • Tweak – Added a hook to allow single day queries in month view to be filtered: tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args
  • Tweak – Improved the logic around rebuilding known date ranges
  • Tweak – Always show the „Merge Duplicates“ button for venues and organizers in the Events General Settings page
  • Tweak – Allow the „same slug“ notice to be dismissed and fix some text in that message
  • Tweak – Ignore alpha/beta/rc suffixes on version numbers when checking template versions
  • Tweak – Add a filter for month view daily events query: tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args
  • Tweak – Added a more flexible cost range parsing function
  • Tweak – Obfuscate license keys Events > Help > System Information
  • Fix – Fixed a fatal that sometimes occurred when refreshing the import CSV page
  • Fix – Fixed issue where some characters were not escaped appropriately for month and year formats
  • Fix – Added missing tribe-loading@2x.gif
  • Fix – Fixed a warning produced by passing a DateTime() object into start_date or end_date args of tribe_get_events (props to iamhexcoder for the pull request!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug where events in month view were not always sorted in chronological order
  • Fix – Fixed the System Info URL in Events > Help
  • Fix – Resolved issue where the default country would be „Array“ if no default country is set
  • Fix – Fixed bug where ajaxurl was sometimes undefined

[4.0.7] 2016-03-02

  • Fix – Resolve display issues on templates with Jetpack and a few themes
  • Fix – Mobile breakpoints on month view working with custom breakpoints
  • Fix – Reordering Venue and Organizer metadata no longer breaks titles
  • Fix – Prevented notices from happening when using the_title filter
  • Fix – iCal links now will respect categories on the first page
  • Fix – Prevent third-party bugs with SEO plugins when inserting events programmatically
  • Fix – Organizer information is showing up again correctly
  • Fix – Modified the add-on license validation method to better explain what is happening
  • Fix – Description on mobile views now have the correct class attribute on HTML
  • Fix – Added missing semicolon on the list navigation for „&laquo“

[4.0.6] 2016-02-17

  • Tweak – Adjust injection of event data into the_content from priority 10 to 9 for better 3rd-party plugin compatibility
  • Tweak – Change mobile month view selector to load event details below the calendar for better theme compatibility
  • Tweak – Better handling of edge cases on the post_excerpt for List View
  • Tweak – Removal of generic CSS classes like .updated and .published
  • Fix – Prevent Notices from appearing when using tribe_get_organizer()
  • Fix – Make HTML Single Event Pages valid
  • Fix – Numeric named categories URLs are now fully working
  • Fix – Event Title now Accepts HTML on Tooltips
  • Fix – Licenses Tab now will work with DISALLOW_FILE_MODS (Props to Sun for spotting and fixing this)

[4.0.5] 2016-01-15

  • Security – Security fix with Venues and Organizers (props to grantdayjames for reporting this!)

[4.0.4] 2015-12-23

  • Tweak – Including the latest embedded Event Tickets release for backward compatibility

[4.0.3] 2015-12-22

  • Tweak – Adjust single-event.php template to allow the „Time“ title and content to be filterable (Props to Sitecrafting for highlighting this issue!)
  • Fix – Resolved issue with an overly escaped Event Category edit URL that prevented editing categories (Thanks to Ian for the first report of this issue!)
  • Fix – Fixed issue where clicking on columns on the Events listed in the Admin Dashboard were ALWAYS sorted by Event start/end date before sorting by the column selected (Cheers to Corrado for bringing this to our attention!)

[4.0.2] 2015-12-16

  • Tweak – Adding better support for non-numeric cost values on events (Props to Mirja for highlighting this!)
  • Tweak – Avoid notice level errors when advanced events list widget settings are saved (Thank you Johan for reporting the issue!)
  • Tweak – Improve messaging in the same-slug warning message (Thanks to Simon for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Tweak – Hook to Event Tickets to inject event dates into ticket emails
  • Tweak – Adding better support for default venues (Props to Karly for noting this!)
  • Tweak – Improve handling of internationalized slugs (Cheers to Oliver for the help!)
  • Fix – Ensure the past events list displays the correct events when accessed via ajax (Thank you Jesse for highlighting this!)
  • Fix – Support ordering by venue/organizer within event queries (Thank you Doug for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Fix – Fixed issue where events with the same date/time would sometimes be excluded from single-event navigation (Cheers to JeremyEnglert for the tip!)
  • Fix – Resolved issue where events set with the explicit cost of 0 were not showing as „Free“ (Thank you terrizsolo for reporting this!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug where the datepicker in Twenty Sixteen was really ugly
  • Fix – Fixed bug where using Quick Edit on events caused the table columns in the event list to become jumbled on save (Props to A K for the report!)
  • Fix – Resolved bug where category links sometimes included event category 1 (Thank you Anthony for the original report of this problem!)
  • Fix – Fixed a settings page URL (Props to Kristy for the heads up!)

[4.0.1] 2015-12-10

  • Tweak – Add a warning message for major updates
  • Tweak – For SEO reasons, use an h1 for the title rather than an h2 (props to wpexplorer for this fix)
  • Tweak – Target the calendar view grid in JS using a simpler selector
  • Fix – Resolved WP 4.4 related fatal on the Nav Menu page that prevented the admin footer from rendering/enqueuing JS
  • Fix – Resolved bug where visiting /events/upcoming could sometimes result in an infinite redirect loop
  • Fix – Removed wp_trim_excerpt and use only it’s powers, fixing the excerpt problem
  • Fix – Fixed bug where the mobile calendar view did not display the date for the date being viewed
  • Fix – Fixed bug where the admin toolbar’s Events > Import > CSV did not link to the CSV importer page
  • Fix – Fixed issue where the events list in the admin dashboard were not ordered in an intuitive manner
  • Fix – Resolved bug where sorting by event category or tag resulted in an error
  • Fix – Fixed bug where full event content text was displayed where excerpts should have been displayed
  • Fix – Resolved issue where events imported via CSV were excluded from single event navigation
  • Fix – Fixed bug where /events/list would sometimes 404 on a new install
  • Fix – Resolved bug where multiday all-day events displayed the end date as one day later than it should be when the End of Day Cut-off was set to something other than 12am
  • Fix – Timezone handling fixed within generated iCal feeds

[4.0] 2015-12-02

  • Security – A TON of escaping was added to our codebase thanks to the efforts of the always-helpful Andy Fragen (@afragen)
  • Feature – Moved the Ticket framework code into its own plugin (event-tickets)
  • Feature – The event cost now supports more international formats with the addition of the tribe_events_cost_separators filter (Thank you remokrol for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Feature – Added support for the twentysixteen theme
  • Feature – Created a new Add-Ons tab in Settings so that TEC add-ons can have a consolidated settings tab
  • Feature – Improve the date formats UI by providing example output for each selected format
  • Tweak – Restructured TEC’s core settings code for reusability with other standalone plugins like Event Tickets
  • Tweak – Deprecate old JS event names in favor of a new JS event naming standard. Example: deprecated tribe_ev_runAjax in favor of run-ajax.tribe
  • Tweak – Consolidated import pages for TEC and add-ons
  • Tweak – When suggesting a UTF-8 compatibility CSV formatting tool, point to one that still exists
  • Tweak – Added the ability to filter attendees CSV items via tribe_events_tickets_attendees_csv_items (Props to @bostondv on GitHub for this patch!)
  • Tweak – Updated all excerpt output to use tribe_events_get_the_excerpt() to ensure a consistent display of excerpt content (Cheers to Joseph to pointing this out!)
  • Tweak – Add support for wp_get_document_title in response to the WordPress 4.4 deprecation of wp_title
  • Tweak – Check post creation permissions before letting users create venues and organizers from the event meta box
  • Tweak – Only display data separators between fields that have data when rendering organizers (Thank you Bud for highlighting this issue!)
  • Tweak – When a user cannot create organizers, prevent the auto-selection of organizers when editing an event
  • Tweak – Remove microformat CSS classes from templates and replace with namespaced content-relevant CSS classes
  • Tweak – Changed the „updated“ CSS class to „tribe-updated“ so that it is properly namespaced (Thank you vijayrajesh!)
  • Tweak – The Plugin Update Checker will now auto-save valid plugin keys (Thanks to Denon for originally bringing this up!)
  • Tweak – Cleaned up the output of JSON-LD data. Filterable via the new tribe_google_data_markup_json filter
  • Tweak – Drop the use of the generic CSS class „placeholder“ in favor of „tribe-event-placeholder“ (Thanks to Marc on the forums!)
  • Tweak – Adjusted the CSS padding on Admin Menu items for Events
  • Tweak – Various codesniffer fixes
  • Tweak – tribe_get_venue_link() no longer echoes if you ask it to return an element
  • Tweak – Error messages for empty Venue names
  • Tweak – Improve our responsiveness for the widget mini calendar, allowing smaller sidebars.
  • Tweak – No longer retrieve empty costs when fetching all costs for all events
  • Tweak – Change the priority of bootstrapping the-events-calendar to ensure it occurs before any of the TEC addons in the event some addons are upgraded to v4.0 later than TEC
  • Tweak – Adjust the logic used for adding a noindex/follow tag to event views
  • Tweak – No longer hiding default address fields when default venues are selected when Pro is active
  • Fix – Resolved issue where the iCal feed did not provide an appropriately formatted timezone in some cases (Cheers to Matt for the report!)
  • Fix – Added support for translating some previously untranslatable strings (Props to tititou36, media325, and Stef!)
  • Fix – Prevented duplicate CSS IDs on the mini calendars (Cheers to Corrado for the help!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing tribe_get_single_ical_link() and tribe_get_ical_link() to use the same URL when it shouldn’t (Props to Ben Byrne @drywall on Twitter for the heads up!)
  • Fix – Fixed issue where the „Add another organizer“ text wasn’t using the correct singular label (Thank you MIKE for the report!)
  • Fix – Various CSS fixes for twenty(ten-fifteen)
  • Fix – Improved our handling of get_current_screen() across the plugin, avoiding notices and warnings (Thank you Mike for the help!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug where accessing object properties on a non object errored out when saving event meta (props to @dalethedeveloper on GitHub for this fix!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug where organizer ID meta attached sometimes included a blank record. That blank record is no longer returned in tribe_get_organizer_ids()
  • Fix – Fixed error message returned when tabbing away from a blank event name meta box so that it properly indicates that an event name is required (Our thanks to @tapan29bd for this fix!)
  • Fix – Resolved issue where Timezone event start/end date property name strings were malformed which guaranteed a a call to get_post_meta for Timezone date strings
  • Fix – Fixed CSS issue where the month view calendar could sometimes extend beyond the edge of the page when Skeleton Styles were enabled
  • Fix – Fixed a problem where iCal data was generated with incorrect dates in the case of some all days events (thanks to Matt for highlighting this)
  • Fix – Resolved a problem causing the previous month view to appear when it should not
  • Fix – Fixed issue in mobile month view where date was missing from heading
  • Fix – Resolved issue that caused /events/ to 404 if it was visited on a new install before hitting „Save“ on the Events > Settings > Display page
  • Deprecated – The Tribe__Events__Main::defaultValueReplaceEnabled() method is being deprecated in favor of tribe_get_option(‚defaultValueReplace‘). Schedules for removal in v4.5
  • Deprecated – The tribe_event_link() has been deprecated in favor of tribe_get_event_link(). Scheduled for removal in 5.0
  • Deprecated – The third parameter of tribe_get_organizer_link() (the $echo parameter) has been deprecated and is scheduled for removal in 5.0
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Abstract_Deactivation in favor of Tribe__Abstract_Deactivation
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Admin__Helpers in favor of Tribe__Admin__Helpers
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__App_Shop in favor of Tribe__App_Shop
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Autoloader in favor of Tribe__Autoloader
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Cache in favor of Tribe__Cache
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Cache_Listener in favor of Tribe__Cache_Listener
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Changelog_Reader in favor of Tribe__Changelog_Reader
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Credits in favor of Tribe__Credits
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Date_Utils in favor of Tribe__Date_Utils
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Field in favor of Tribe__Field
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Settings in favor of Tribe__Settings
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Settings_Tab in favor of Tribe__Settings_Tab
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Support in favor of Tribe__Support
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Template_Part_Cache in favor of Tribe__Template_Part_Cache
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Attendees_Table in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Attendees_Table in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Metabox in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Metabox in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Ticket_Object in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Ticket_Object in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Tickets in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Tickets in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Tickets_Pro in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Tickets_Handler in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Validate in favor of Tribe__Validate
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__View_Helpers in favor of Tribe__View_Helpers
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::OPTIONNAME in favor of Tribe__Main::OPTIONNAME
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::OPTIONNAMENETWORK in favor of Tribe__Main::OPTIONNAMENETWORK
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::addHelpAdminMenuItem() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::add_help_admin_menu_item()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::addNetworkOptionsPage() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::add_network_options_page()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::array_insert_after_key() in favor of Tribe__Main::array_insert_after_key()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::array_insert_before_key() in favor of Tribe__Main::array_insert_before_key()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::debug() in favor of Tribe__Debug::debug()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::defaultValueReplaceEnabled() in favor of tribe_get_option( ‚defaultValueReplace‘ )
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::doHelpTab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_help_tab()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::doNetworkSettingTab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_network_settings_tab()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::doSettingTabs() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_setting_tabs()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::do_licenses_tab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_licenses_tab()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOption() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_network_option()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_network_options()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getNotices() in favor of Tribe__Notices::get()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getOption() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_option()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_options()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::have_addons() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::have_addons()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::isNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::is_notice()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginDir in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_dir
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginName in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_name
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginPath in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_path
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginUrl in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_url
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::removeNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::remove_notice()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::renderDebug() in favor of Tribe__Debug::render()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::saveAllTabsHidden() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::save_all_tabs_hidden()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::setNetworkOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::set_network_options()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::setNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::set_notice()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::truncate() in favor of tribe_events_get_the_excerpt()
  • Deprecated – tribe_event_beginning_of_day() in favor of tribe_beginning_of_day()
  • Deprecated – tribe_event_end_of_day() in favor of tribe_end_of_day()
  • Deprecated – tribe_event_format_date() in favor of tribe_format_date()
  • Deprecated – tribe_events_the_notices() in favor of tribe_the_notices()