WooCommerce: modify existing products

Inside the admin panel, on the left sidebar, click on „Products„:
The list of all products will appear.

On the top left you can search the product that you need to modify by enter the name or the SKU in the search field or you can filter by category.

When you select the product, click on it and the product page will open.

IMPORTANT at the moment the main language is German so the products need to be modified in German first!

On the top you see the Title: it’s the name of the product, the field just below is the description.
Then we have the tabs, if you need to modify the content of those tabs click on it and edit, otherwise ignore it.

Then you will find a box with tabs. In the first tab “Général” we have the price, if you change it please remember to always insert the price including VAT and without dicounts, the B2B King plugin will calculate discounts and will show prices without VAT for wholesale customers.

The article number (or “SKU”) of the product is entered in the “Inventaire” section.

In the case of existing product variations, the article number of the individual variants is entered in the “Variantions” section.

In the “Expédition” section, you will find the

  • weight
  • Dimensions (volume)

of the product.

The weight information is important for an automatic calculation of the shipping costs.

In the “Produits liés” you can modify or add the suggested produts and the Cross sales.

If your products has variations, In the “Attributs” section, you can define various information that deviates from the basic product, such as the color.

This part is quite complicate to modify because if you change one of those values you need to modify the linked variation to, in case of need contact us.

In the “Variations” tab, you will find the variation, here you can change (if needed) price, weight and SKU of the variation. Also here please remember to include the price with VAT included.

Just below the “Woocommerce” section, you will find the short description of the product “Product Short Description“:

The short description is displayed directly below the product price and should be “short and concise” but meaningful.

Product pictures

On the right side of the screen you will see the “product image”.

You can change it by simply clicking on it.
You can either upload a new image from your PC or use an existing one from the “Media Library”.

The product images should all have the same size, we recommend 500×595 px.

If in doubt, please contact your webmaster.

Products Pictures Gallery

Here you can upload any number of images corresponding to the item. The procedure is the same as for “Replacing product images”.

The product images should all have a uniform size, we recommend 500×595 px.

This is a sceenshot of the Media library when you want change the product image

Finally the Category and tags, probably you will not need to change those but in case they are located on the right side of the page.
Your product modification is complete!
Please always remember to save at the end!

WooCommerce: changes on translations of existing products

If you only change the price, the weight, the SKU or the variations you can ignore this part: the german values will be automatic synch to french.

If you change also texts, click on the pencil icon in the right sidebar of the page.

You will be redirected to the french version of the page.

Modify the text versions that you previously change in German also here.

If you try to modify something as the price on the translation you will see a locket, because as mentioned before ththose attributes are auto-sync