WooCommerce: To create a new product

Inside the admin panel, on the left sidebar, click on „Products„:
The list of all products will appear.
On the top you will find a button „Add product“ click on it to create a new product.

A new product-page has been created.
Please enter all product relevant data:

Product name = „Title“ (the name of product).
Product description = „Description“.

Please fill in the first text field. This is the overall description of the article and will appear later directly below the product image.

Below the text field there are several fields to be defined:

„Product data“: Please choose between „single“ or „variable“.

A „variable“ product is an article that is offered in several colors, for example.

A single article without variations is ALWAYS a „simple product“.

Various fields are available for defining the product:

  • Stock management (if activated)
  • Shipping information (definition of weight and volume)

Please fill in all the information that your shop needs to process an order.

The „SKU“ number corresponds to the article number of your product.
The prices and e.g. colors for „Variable products“ are administered in the tab „Variants“!

The article number (or „SKU“) of the product is entered in the „Stock“ section.
This information is important in order to be able to uniquely identify an article later.

In the case of existing product variations, the article number of the individual variants is entered in the „Variants“ section.

In the „Shipping“ section, the

  • weight
  • Dimensions (volume)

of the product.

This information is important for an automatic calculation of the shipping costs.

In the „Variants“ section, you can define various information that deviates from the basic product, such as the color.

Please note that each variant is assigned its own SKU (Art. No.).

Further information can be found in the „Variants“ section.

Quantity assignment „Quantity „*:
This is for the Oils, with this selection, the container sizes of previously defined products or product groups can be highlighted in the shop.

Shop operators who have this function activated should use it exclusively in the defined product groups.

In case of doubt please do NOT change or contact the webmaster.

Extended product information e.g. „Specifications“:

It may be that a product has several information areas, these „tabs“ (text fields) appear in the sequence and can be individually populated with text:

This information appears in the webshop directly below the item description.

Tabs that are not filled out are automatically NOT displayed on the article page!

Some fields may contain HTML programming created by the webmaster (links or tables). In this case we recommend you to copy the content of a possibly existing article or to use the function „Duplicate article“.

Short description of the product „Product Short Description“:

The short description is displayed directly below the product price and should be „short and concise“ but meaningful.

This text field can be found by scrolling down.

Product pictures

On the right side of the screen you will see the „product image“.

You can change it by simply clicking on it.
You can either upload a new image from your PC or use an existing one from the „Media Library“.

The product images should all have the same size, we recommend 500×595 px.

If in doubt, please contact your webmaster.

Products Pictures Gallery

Here you can upload any number of images corresponding to the item. The procedure is the same as for „Replacing product images“.

The product images should all have a uniform size, we recommend 500×595 px.

Products Categories

Each product should be assigned to one or more product categories.

In this example it is the brand „Flintstone“, it is a charcoal grill.

Please select the appropriate categories on the right side of the screen.