Create new addresses / Change existing addresses

This extension is based on data from Google Maps. NEW addresses can be captured as follows:

1. select the dealer directory or
select the map you want to edit.

Log in and select “Map” or “Map” in the left navigation bar (this name may vary depending on the language setting).

2. Select map

Select the map you want to edit by clicking on the title.

3. Enter company name

The company name is entered in the “Title” field.

To display it in bold or to generate a line break we need (unfortunately) a HTML programming:

Bold font is created with the command before the word and after the word.

Marine Parts & Accessories sàrl

will look like this online later:
Marine Parts & Accessories sàrl

We force a line break with the command:

4. Address and other text

We can now add more information like phone and email.

Unfortunately we have to use HTML coding here as well. This will be shown later in the “Info window” on the map.

For a new line (line break) we use the command

A new email address will be inserted with these commands:


The customer will later only see E: on the screen.

5. link to the customer’s website

In the “Link URL” field we can enter the address of the customer website. If the customer does not have a website, please leave it empty.

  • “Custom Marker”: automatically takes over the default setting.
  • “Category”: select (if available)
  • “Animation”: set to “Drop

Confirm these entries by clicking on “add Marker“. By this click these data are stored, but NOT yet visible on the website.

6. Save map

Finally: click on “Save Map”.
This is important, because otherwise the whole work will not be saved.

To add more addresses repeat from step 3.

You can only check the executed work on the website and NOT on the preview window!
The preview window you see controls the appearance of the map on your homepage.

Anything moved or clicked there will change the appearance!

Edit existing dealer addresses

1. Select map/directory

Select the desired map by clicking on the title.

2. Select address

At the bottom of the page you will see “Your Markers” which lists all available addresses.

Select the desired address by clicking on the “Pencil” icon.

3. Edit address

You will now see the details of the selected address in the window next to the map. Continue with description 3-6.

As soon as you have made the changes, click on “Save Marker“.

4. Save map (save)

Click on “Save Map“. This is important because otherwise ALL the work you have done will not be saved!

Repeat from point 2 if you want to change other existing addresses.

Changes you have made will only be shown on the website where the dealer directory is displayed, not in edit mode!

In edit mode, do not change the map you see on the right side of the screen. This can change the appearance of the map on the website!